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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 334

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Originally Posted by zapatiste View Post

P.S. :-)
I spot some friends (Click to show)

Well spotted! You work for the CIA? biggrin.gif

We ( my wife and I ) think it's a stellar presentation, much more to our liking than the AW13 Runway. The pants in this collection are breathtaking, details are in the back as usual. Layering is also quite inspiring. There is a suspected " Regulation " theory in the slim silhouettes to some of the Looks ( also present in AW13 Runway ) but it will be elaborated in due course. Also nice to see Yohji-San back in his usual uniform smile.gif

Edit:- Look 20/33 is def a woman, confirmed by store staff today! My wife Sharon sussed it out during the show.... And I can do Look 35 Bruce Lee style smile.gif
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Double post = iPad Syndrome
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Detail on the accessories. Sweet touch, I hope this makes it to Conduit so I can have a closer look. 

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gonna try my luck but if anyone has a size 2/3 rayon teet/shirt for sale. lemme know =]
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Magnificent last few days in Paris.


Random sightseeing, lots of walking, great meals.



Rue Saint-Merri


Lots more :) (Click to show)


YYPH x Metro



River Seine



Jardin des Tuileries



Musee du Louvre



YYPH/YYF x Palais-Royal 



Cambon Flagship ( of course ) 



Wine & Dine








YYPH SS14 Runway ( The Nomad Collection ) 


Get the invitations ( and a small bit of shopping )



Super Cambon Team ( Raphael & Chantal ) 












155 Rue Saint Martin, the crowd, the models. (Click to show)








Front Row Start Of Runway View ( very bright lights ) 





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Great cut of the yellow shirt.


Female model!


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)










Same female model, Yohji twist.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Black Kung Fu Blazer, my cup of cha.







Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Yohji-san, we salute you!



Great show in person, just when you think it can't get any better...55 mins after the end, the crowd dispersed....we were just chilling, drinking iced pearl tea opposite the office.


Out of the blue, Mr YY strolled out of the front door with his entourage,,,down Rue Saint-Martin! My wife and I looked at each other, fixed our dropped jaws and gave chase...



YYPH x YY ( the Real Deal ) 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



He was caught up, we said hello, we shook hands, he pointed at the embroidery of my blazer, recognised his creation, smiled and went " arrrrrr ". We told him he's been our long time idol, hero, inspirations. The quietly spoken Yohji gadly accepted our request of a picture. And off he went. So so surreal. We were lost for words since it's so unplanned. It's been an honour and a life time ambition achieved. The Disciple finally met his Grand Master. 


Overall the bestest Runway Show we have attended. 


The ( perfect ) end. 

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David you weren't kidding ! what an adventure ...
Originally Posted by davidlee388 View Post

lot of amazing pics, but here i thought somehow you managed to warp time around yourself, bringing it to a standstill while the rest of the world whirled on apparently knowing no better.
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This is so beautiful. 

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David, all of that looks and sounds absolutely phenomenal. Green with envy. 


I loves this collection. A lot of very wearable pieces and I think it's a strong continuation of the already established Yohji summer look that's been going on for the last few ss.

In the fallout of this I was a little saddened that almost 30 years later wwd's discourse hasn't gotten any better with a reliance on Orientalist tropes. 

This is the article and these are some from the 80s and

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David, the pic of you with the man himself put a very big smile on my face. smile.gif
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A bit late in posting this, but I went down to my local Yohji shop (Nagoya) over the weekend. SS13 is already at 40% off Japanese retail and will likely stay that way until they decide to clear everything out for the new collection. The selection wasn't too bad, although not amazing either. I think this is more a function of the Nagoya shop rather than the sale itself. I'll confirm when I visit Tokyo in two weeks. Regulation for men is in, although the selection is very small right now, basically just two complete suits and two basic tee shirts from what I saw. Regulation prices are similar to Y's before it ended: around 70,000 yen for a jacket, 30,000 yen for pants. I think they had a simple white button down for around 16,000 yen or so. Quality was great of course, but no sale reductions on the regulation. It will be interesting to see how they're going to expand the collection.

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nothing exciting, just comfort today.

SS12 dark green/khaki ramie cap
Y's SHIRTS patchwork shirt (with a big velvety patch in middle lol)
SS12 (i assuming) green/khaki cotton trousers in very light material, though not at all like the cotton on my other pair of ss12 sand/khaki trousers with exposed seams.
oliver peoples japan-made vintage frames
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modest :P
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Originally Posted by StevenE View Post


Detail on the accessories. Sweet touch, I hope this makes it to Conduit so I can have a closer look. 


hand carved. spent almost 2 hours at the showroom today checking the garments. couture level details and fabrics. 

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OK then. Best collection ever. That's settled.









(I hope...)

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Thread Starter 
Really liked what I have seen of the show so far, but waiting until I see some video for a final "verdict".

The colours, fabrics and layers are all pretty cool. Looking forward to handling this stuff in person biggrin.gif.

While I was looking for the show on YouTube I came across this gem, a video for Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme Spring/Summer 1987 -

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