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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 332

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Looks like the Regulation men's line is now hitting stores in Japan. I'm going to check it out as soon as possible at my local shop and report back here. Hard to judge by internet pics and I have no idea on pricing yet. Has the potential to be cool though.

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LN-CC has begun its sale. I love this season but not their buys so may be sitting this one out, though perhaps one of the t-shirts of the lovely outer-sole shoes will hit a better price.

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^agreed, they had overall weak yy buy this season. so much other color they ignored aside from that batik print. but fortunately they are but a drop in the pond, so many other resources to blow my on resources on :-)

stadsvandringar - would love to hear your thoughts on the line ...

have listed the SS98 linen jacket ... the drape is outstanding.
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YYPH SS10 Fedora Hat - ( HJ-H03-965 ) - in black 100% polypropylene mesh. 


YYPH SS05 Look 17 Zipper Blazer ( HY-J48-300 ) - black, 100% linen, fully lined, tortoise shell buttons, 3B closure, 2B non-working cuffs. 4 random pockets closed by black zips with red pulls, faintly dyed numbers ( 1,2,3,4 ) next to pockets. Semi detachable left notch lapel. Sz 2. 


YYPH SS12 Look 39 Type 2 Hakama Pants ( HB-P13-010 ) - 100% jersey textured super soft + delicate cotton, Black, size 3, 4B waist closure, adjustable waist with 2 cinches at back. 2 side + back pockets. 


Uniqlo SS Tee, Converse. 

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So I bought a pair of sneakers from conduit street today, but when I got home the elastic on one shoe's tongue completely unthreaded on first wearing and are now unusable. The thread must have been broken before I bought them but it wasn't until I put the pressure of walking around inside my house for 10 minutes that they unravelled. A shame.


Does any one have any experience with in-store returns? They were nice enough to give me the sale price before the sale had started which was great but I'm now slightly concerned could mean I'd be caught out by the blanket no sale returns policy - but as it's not a return or exchange as such, but rather the item was defective, I'm hoping they'll be able to offer me some sort of fix. Could be that the stores are really tight on this since the new post-bankruptcy financial regime and it's out of their hands. 


Worst comes to worst I should be able to find somewhere near me that'll re-stitch it without it being too visible. I'll still love them.  



The face here sums up my feelings. The trousers here are AW12 and I love them very much.

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that's sad to hear ! which sneakers were they, the laceless ones ? any updates ?

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They were the lacelss runway sneakers. 


The shop staff were really lovely - and the shoes being repaired and generally strengthened - I'm glad they broke in a way, in so much as they'll now probably last longer. I'm picking them up friday or monday.

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great to hear :-)
which colorway did you go for ? would like to see them in non-runway shots

FW13 starting to trickle in ... the robe (not the robe, however !)

and since i can't help myself when it comes to color

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Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto x adidas_Super Position

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CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 90
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In no small part due to this thread, a close friend of mine from back in high school has been really getting into Yohji (if you're reading this Jack sup). And since his birthday is coming up I thought I'd see if I couldn't snag him a suit or pants or jacket or something... Enter Zapatiste with this awesome wool/cotton suit (don't know season or codes, sorry). Great price, really quick delivery, etc. etc. buy from him. [/plug] I received the suit last Thursday and since I won't be able to give it to my friend for a month or so I thought I'd throw it on for a second and snap some pics for him before it disappears into the depths of my closet.



Oliver Peoples/YYPH/Acne/Guidi


I'm seriously blown away. The fabric is really something else––very light but draping in a very solid (for lack of a better word) way. Looks amazing in motion. I can see what people mean when they talk about Yohji's clothes as armor of sorts. And the way it's cut! Very conservative compared to some of the other stuff in this thread, but the shortness of the sleeves and broadness of the shoulders and the way the pants kind of hang takes it to a different level. So yeah, I'm jealous that my buddy is going to be getting this suit. Gonna be picking up a Y's linen/cotton suit though (also courtesy of Zapatiste sup) so there might be more fits in a couple weeks or so... I wouldn't say I'm completely converted to Yohji, but I've always had the creeping suspicion that in ten or so years it will dominate my closet. This experience has strongly confirmed that suspicion.


So yeah. This thread is really great resource for people like me who have marginal knowledge of Yohji, and for people like my friend who really have no knowledge of designer clothing in general but want to learn more. So thanks from both of us!

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holy moly it looks so good on you ... i have zero doubt you'll come to love this path should you brave it one day. and if this pic is anything to go by, you will be an unstoppable force of billowing fabrics
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Spope, that looks great on you. What a mensch to pass that on to a friend for a gift!
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I'm still looking for a new home for my beautiful SS 2009 Cotton Silk P.D.H blazer, in size 3. I'm really sad to let it go, and I'd rather it go to someone who can really appreciate it, rather than trying for months to sell it at the right price. So I thought I'd mention that I will consider swapping it for an appropriate size 4 blazer/jacket/coat. So, if you have an interesting size 4 piece (preferably in wool gabardine), in good condition, which you don't wear enough, and feel like acquiring this exquisitely tailored piece, just send me a PM with some photos. Mine is identical to the one Ivwri is wearing below:

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Nice jacket satisfied.gifnod[1].gif

What's the going price?
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that jacket is beautiful

random pics postings :

fw12 setup, hadn't seen this in non-lookbook/retail

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