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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 328

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The extent to which I can comment on the anji timu / rex woo debate is limited, by the basic fact I do not know who either is.  They sell thru ebay? If anyone would like to share me a link to their respective profiles for future reference, would be much appreciated. Anyway...


More broadly regarding Yohji sellers, I bought a fair few YY things from here and stylezeitgeist, via the classifieds, and generally speaking the experience has been really fantastic - despite perhaps on the surface seemingly like a less safe and secure platform than, say, ebay, I've never been stiffed, the items are sent out promptly, always, and I've never had someone make the condition out to be better than in reality, (contrast: ebay)


I've been impressed at how carefully packaged my purchases often prove - a far contrast again to ebay, where people have at times charged about £10 for postage, and screwed everything up tight and bunged it in a jiffy bag... Typically the prices people offer too prove incredibly reasonable, and in a fair few cases could likely fetch higher on auction. All of which leads me to believe that people who wear - and sometimes sell - Yohji Yamamoto Homme and Y's are, on the whole, really, really nice

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^ StevenE, rex aka comma aka comma.comma aka *comma*comma* aka comma*comma lol he has a couple ebay accounts, can find him on facebook as well. items move quick, though he can be flexible on price especially if you buy in multiples. i've no experience with anji_timu though i've seen that username on y!jp ...

anyway, not sure there's anything i can or want to say about this that hasn't already or shouldn't be. some sell, some sell for greater profit, and well all buy somehow or another.
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Originally Posted by syed View Post

I see you tongue.gif

YYPH AW09 Look 12 (HZ-J59-127-3A) - Size 3. Same fabric composition. Breast pocket, 2 flap pockets, card slot pocket, 3 interior pockets. Three button snap closure. Tap version.

Same shirt (I really want to buy some more contrast collar shirts...I always used to associate them with bankers - blue shirt with white cuffs and collar, but I actually really like the black and white contrast).


I see you too thumbs-up.gif. Great stuff. 



YYPH SS10 Hat - ( HJ-H03-965 )- in black. Brim, crown & pinch in 100% polypropylene mesh, triple ribbon & bow in 65/35 polyester/polypropylene, size 57 cm


YYPH AW09 Look 13 " Don't Let It Out " Suit:- 

Blazer - ( HZ-J10-127 ) - 95/5 wool/nylon blend, dry hand, boiled wool like texture, single snap button closure, left arm badge featuring a peeing boy ( Manneken Pis-like with a Yohji hatmwink%5B1%5D.gif ) with Don't Let It Out in red.  Size 2, roomy with dropped shoulder  fit. Apart from the bottom half of the back, everywhere is lined with thick off-white cotton, with the inside seams bordered by cotton too. Frayed edges. 


Pants - ( HZ-P01-127 ) - size 2, 2-B waist closure with 7 belt loops, 4 front pleats & 1 coin pocket. 2 side & back pockets. Panel construction on lower leg lined with off-white cotton at the front. Additional waist buttons for use of a suspender. 


SS Tee, CDG H+ belt, OTZ-Superslick in black leather.

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Howdy lads, 


A while ago, someone asked if there were any women on this thread. Hello! I'm Arche's girlfriend, a dress historian and fashion curator, and have been watching with increased fascination from the sidelines as he got into Yohji. I even borrowed a couple of his pieces the other day in Annie Hall style (comfy trousers). I really like seeing what Yohji does with historic references and how fabulously timeless they are. So I thought I'd drop in and say hi, and I've enjoyed the thread at a distance very much. 



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My size 3, SS 2009 P.D.H. blazer (the cotton/silk one like Ivwri's) is now up on Ebay. So annoyed it doesn't fit :( !! Well, hopefully it will find a good home. PM me if you want the link. 

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Originally Posted by davidlee388 View Post

Great show with a unique charm. Probably the second longest Pour Homme Runway show in history.
Coincidentally before you posted the vid ( no word of a lie ) I felt like having fun and a dance 2 weeks ago, not Gangnam Style, more like 4.1 The Men Style mwink%5B1%5D.gif

YYPH AW09 Look 3 Hat - ( HZ-H05-127 ) - in black, 95/5 wool/nylon, 57 cm.

YYPH AW10 4.1 The Men Tab Collar Coat - ( HJ-J66-100 ) - HJ code denoting SS10 so I assume a SS piece chosen for the April 2010 Tokyo show. Never seen in European Flagships. 100% signature black wool gabardine. Size 2, simple, elegant silhouette. Fully lined in cupro with 3 inside pockets, big horn buttons, 5B closure with a stand collar tab closure, 3B non working cuffs, long back vent. 1 chest slit + 2 flapped bottom pockets. 

YYPH SS06 Multi-pocket pants ( HR-P55-100 ) - posted before, sz 3, 100 black wool gab, large multi waist pockets/pouches. 

Y-3 Exclusive AW10 Neo Classic Hi-top Sneakers - UK sz 7, black canvas construction with 9 eyelet lace closure. Feline themed text messages on heels and ankles. 

SS Tee, CDG H+ Belt 
The authentic and original (Click to show)

Haven't been on SF in a while, glad I came back. So many fantastic pictures, but this is my fav fit. I'm glad you decided to wear hats david, they look fantastic on you!

I hope everyone contributing here is well smile.gif
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Yoox just seem to have massively cut the asking price for a lot of their Yohji stock - yoox seem to hold out on prices for ages (they've been static for a few months), then make a big cut to prices, followed by a steady trickle down until they're shifted. 

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First set of photos from wireartist's visit to Lagos! Nothing exciting (YET!!), consider this a teaser.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Also, wire's suit is epic. Spring 2000 goodness.

Oh and great to hear from you Arachne. Please post more biggrin.gif. Good to hear from you Bene, figured uni was taken up your time. Be good.
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Originally Posted by Ivwri View Post

First set of photos from wireartist's visit to Lagos! Nothing exciting (YET!!), consider this a teaser.

Nothing exciting? I've not heard " STRANGER " things in my life haha! Two of the best dressed Yohji disciples in an epic get together. I'll say it's awwwwwwesome!

Edit:- Ivwri, that's the neeeew suit? It looks bloody great smile.gif
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First set of photos from wireartist's visit to Lagos!


That's great - wearing Yohji certainly does away with the need for red carnations in the buttonhole at the airport.

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Yup David that is the new suit biggrin.gif. Works really well I think.

Arachne you are very right. Spotted Alfonso the minute he stepped out of the airport, hehe.

And now for the further adventures of Alfonso in Lagos! This time he is confounded by a Yohji hat wearing skull...

Alas, poor Shiva, he did know him...

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And, so you don't say we haven't taken any proper pictures...we are rushing out now, so proper details later.


Anne et Valentin


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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Back on topic, I picked this up for a song from superfuture, although it hasn't arrived yet and I'm getting a little concerned. Anybody familiar with it that can tell me what season? It's apparently very slim because he said it fits a 46, but it's a size 3 so I just trusted yohji that it wouldn't be too slim for a 48.

This ended up being not slim at all and is actually a little bigger than my other size 3 jackets. I'm going to look for a 2, so if anyone wants it PM me.
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page tribute to the realest. 



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so many stunning outfits ! love the david/syed and look, and syed's bro too, was aiming for more something like that myself.

but Ivwri is delivering the goods from lagos, like your baffs ! though i have to admit, and no offense to wire.a, but your last in-photo partner was by far the cuter one redface.gif

i know the more appropriate response is shakespearean, but right when i saw wire holding the skull with the hat, i thought if kippling's If

david those links are a constant reminder of Rex's swiftness in selling. I contacted him for the pair you showed as well as the black one he listed right after, all gone before I could even ask how much shipped to me :-/

unfortunately camera was dead when i was heading out though there was enough light to capture one ok shot upon my return. so i improvised with phone. but alas, i've at least one piece from this season which is absurdly comfortable--the sacai balloon trousers, are they balloon? well cuffs at hems rather than drawstrings--paired with the ss12 jersey cotton lapel-less jacket (really an oversized cardigan, i'd say). uniqlo tee, vans, ute ploeir ss12 linen bag.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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