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david yes material is canvas like cotton unlined. to be honest its a bit out of my comfort zone still as there are a lot of volume all around. something to be expected and get used to.

edit: no haven't tried folding the panel yet.
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Originally Posted by kgfan5 View Post

bought this jacket several weeks back with the intention of experimenting new brands/ designers/ cuts etc. its my first yohji piece and i'm trying to figure out how to wear it or if it even works with my aesthetics. any thoughts? jacket is yyph, aa tee, damir pants with a slight drop crotch and guidi shoes.
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That's a very nice look. 

Exactly what I've been wanting to wear for the last weeks, down to the brands and all.


Take a look at Ghostface's latest WAYWT fits. He has some great stuff in the same aesthetic.

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thanks. ya prolly should've mentioned it from the get-go. i was definitely channeling in my inner ghostface. down to the tee. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




YYPH AW09 Look 3 Hat - ( HZ-H05-127 ) - in black, 95/5 wool/nylon, 57 cm.


YYPH AW05 Look 4 Patch Pocket Blazer - ( HN-J27-121 ) - deep black 50/45/5 cotton/wool/nylon blend, non-woven fabric. Size 2, 2/3 body and full sleeves lined in cupro with 2 inside pockets. Bespoke silver flat metal buttons, 3B closure with notch lapels. 1B working sleeves. Back " strap " above long back pleat lending a waisted silhouette. 2 bottom + left chest expandable patch flapped pockets.  


YYPH SS97 Waistcoat - ( HU-V07-241 ) - in black soft hand 100% rayon, unlined. Size M with a flared out silhouette, adjustable back waist buckled strap. 6 horn button closure with a 1B shirt collar in 100% felt like cotton. Same material covers the borders of the front panels. 2 inside pockets + 4 outside slit pockets. 


YYPH SS09 Look 15 Leather Insert Pants ( HV-P07-114 ) - 100% wool gabardine, size 3, huge waist and super baggy, front pleated. 2 back pocket flaps, and darts on knee side buttoned pockets in leather.  


SS Tee, CDG H+ Belt, CAUSE SHOES x George Cox 7 eyelet monkey boots in black leather.  


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Nothing else to add kgfan5 other than I really like that look! Good stuff.

David, great outfit as well. Love the 40s/50s vibe of the front pic. That hat is gonna take you places icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

So this is my photo contribution for today guest starring my daughter and a new-ish look for me!

Extra! Extra! (Click to show)

I just got these ancient Yohji pants via Y! and unfortunately, the cleaners I use decided to wash them in the machine instead of following the drycleaning instructions. Anyway, it resulted in some weird chalk-like streaking all over the pants (and they are such a lovely shade of blue too frown.gif ). Instead of crying over it, I decided to see whether they could still work as they are. They also look/feel best worn high like I am doing so here, but I want to get all your opinions on whether they work like this or not.

Not sure what season they are (although at one point I did think they might be "fake" Yohji since they do not have the usual fabric code, but the logo looks like the old style logo so maybe it could be pretty old? Anyway I will leave that discussion to rest for now, lol)

Details -

Blazer - YYPH SS10 linen jacket
Shirt - YYPH AW11 double collar + extra placket cotton shirt
Pants - YYPH (???) deep - blue rayon pants
Shoes - Marsell shoes
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Ivrwi, that's a really cool example of wearing Yohji out of his protective black/dark mode. Still got the silhouette, but the color palette is so light and breezy. To me the high waisted pants are a nod to 40s/50s style which is in-line with a longer jacket. Nice shoe choice too. More importantly... your companion is so cute!

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Great pictures Ivwri btw! Those pants look fine the way they are, especially you are sock-less.

Just a very quick comment on the " fake " Yohji theory. Apart from a tampered garment of Arche's ( a numerical tag sewn next to a YY tag ), I no longer believe in the misspelling of " instruction " and " etiquette " on the grey YYPH label as fakes anymore ( too many recognisable Runway pieces with those labels on ). If your pants have alphabetical sizing, no instructions on the grey tag and no white H?-???-??? fabric code then they must be early 90s or even 80s pants with the softer YYPH writing.

For once, you have been comprehensively upstaged by a little being with no YY on whatsoever.
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That last pic is hilarious and great.
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Pants look really great. Confused as to why the little girl isn't wearing anything from the babyYY line that I saw posted on here a few weeks back though.



My girlfriend's in Italy and I'm using her flat (closer to the library) in her absence as I try and panic-finish my dissertation for 1pm on tuesday. When I get back home after the hand-in there'll be two really exciting YY purchases waiting for me in the post. Nice start to post-university life, perhaps..

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Thanks for the comments, thumbs and feedback guys biggrin.gif. Almost didn't put the photos up for fear of being overshadowed by my little girl, but I decided to suck it up and learn to deal with it.

@StevenE the wife and I are working on her Yohji debut. Probably take another year or two, but we will get there. For now, my sister is handling her wardrobe (among all the gifts we got/keep getting) so quite a few baby Chloe and Stella McCartney incoming nod[1].gif
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so cute ivwri, i like the ivy league notch. BBB from me (boring, basic, blacks)


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Rex Woo just listed these on his Facebook:-





SS13 Look 24 Block Dyed Blazer + ( possibly ) Look 24 Pants in rayon blend fabric & size 3, so the whole set-up :)


The price of the blazer is very attractive, nearly 50% off HK retail, the same probably applies to the pants. Both make European/US retail look rather insulting and silly. Those of you colourful Yohji fans ( mr shah in particular ) should act...quickly. 

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and it was bought from rakuten for peanuts, it's not a secret that rex is being capitalizing all the effort made by some people e.g. the code list that asobu and me created some time ago, scanning old magazines etc, back in the day rex wasn't selling that much yohji compared to nowadays and his prices were much cheaper, thanks to the code list he could add runway pictures and upgrade his business and yet he won't tell you the truth. He's bidding on everything on yahoo and rakuten and then reselling it to the same people he's leeching info from. Not really fond of this behaviour myself.

i really regret sometimes making a lot of info widely available, there was nothing 8 years ago. Nowadays, with from japan and this artificial hype I can see loads of people just buying because is suddenly cool or straight closet cos players, funny that asobu and me we have the smallest pockets around and we can't even afford to buy shit from auctions anymore just some badly represented items. I feel like 90% of the pieces are not even seeing the light in the streets...which is extremely sad. All this consumerism is making me sort of sick, before we were just hunting for information to learn more about his work, now is just buying and selling. And I'm part of that of course.
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Originally Posted by davidlee388 View Post

My latest, most controversial acquisition, also one of the most enthralling. And to be my last fit for a while.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


YYPH AW09 Look 13 " Don't Let It Out " Blazer - ( HZ-J10-127 ) - 95/5 wool/nylon blend, dry hand, boiled wool like texture. Size 2, suitably roomy with the best shoulder and sleeve fit. Apart from the bottom half of the back, everywhere is lined with thick off-white cotton, with the inside seams bordered by cotton too. 4B non-working sleeves, 3 inside pockets, 2 bottom flapped pockets, left chest flapped pocket with a concealed button closure, single vent. Diminutive, deconstructed notch lapels are lined with same cotton and feel more at ease standing up than folded. The fabric and construction give out an endearing unfinished, vintage vibe:- blazer closed by a single big stud button yet it looks as if it's cut to be closed conventionally; frayed edges everywhere with long dangling loose threads, taking the distressed look to another level. It looks as if the blazer is still on a torso mannequin to be finished. I'm mildly obsessed by the way the white cotton showing/hiding itself in motion, giving a great contrast.

Then there's the left arm badge. One of 4 iterations on the Runway ( a leaking tap, bottle and toothpaste are the 3 others, all with different cuts ) , this one has a peeing boy ( Manneken Pis-like but with a Yohji hatmwink%5B1%5D.gif ) with Don't Let It Out in red ( Yohji's humour ). The badge is loosely threaded to the sleeve so it's bobbing about when you move, great. Badge or no badge, it's a superbly ( de )constructed blazer with a great fit. A love-it-or-loathe-it piece. I love it.

YYPH SS11 Look 7 Double Collar LS Shirt - ( HO-B01-800 ) - 100% cotton in white. Size 2 regular fit. 7B closure, asymmetrical double collar ( right one buttoned down ) The double black collar has an additional " lip " of frayed border for a stand up 3rd collar look. 

YYPH SS08 Look 13 Buttoned Hem Pants - ( HM-P54-100 ) - 100% wool gabardine. Size 3, huge and high waisted. Wide legs to tapered hems with an adjustable tab and 2 buttons. Quite superb pants, great in motion.

DM 1460 Mono Boots, CDG H+ belt.

I see you tongue.gif

YYPH AW09 Look 12 (HZ-J59-127-3A) - Size 3. Same fabric composition. Breast pocket, 2 flap pockets, card slot pocket, 3 interior pockets. Three button snap closure. Tap version.

Same shirt (I really want to buy some more contrast collar shirts...I always used to associate them with bankers - blue shirt with white cuffs and collar, but I actually really like the black and white contrast).

Out and about with my brother.

YYPH SS12 Long Sleeve T-Shirt - (HD-T46-079) - 88/12 Cotton/Polyester. Size 3. Really nice bobbled/pilled texture.

YYPH SS13 Cropped Trousers (HX-P16-201) - 56/44 Cupro/Cotton. Size 3. Light and airy. Black drawstring waist with chunky white rope drawstrings at hem. Construction is really quite cool.
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