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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 318

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Indesertum I heard you got another yohji on the way :-D

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hope it's someone here who just upped the ante on the ss03

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To my surprise, I recently bought a NWT pair of these SS 2012 cap-toe boots for a decent price, and they just arrived this morning:



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(The ones in the photo are not my pair, but they seem identical to the boots I have, though the one's in the photo are a bit used.)  

I've been wanting these ever since I saw them, so I'm very glad to have found a pair. 


They're a gorgeous pair of boots, but different, in one regard, to what I was expecting from pictures I've seen, like the above, which, to me at least, make the boots look like they are made of a thick, tough leather. When I read that these boots are made from horse leather, I was expecting a quite thick and rugged leather, since the only horse leather boots I have (a pair of original 1940's work boots) are like that. Instead, the leather on these is actually buttery soft and smooth. So, I'm wondering whether these boots are made from shell cordovan, rather than normal horse leather. I've never owned any shell cordovan shoes, but I've come across some descriptions of the feel of it, which seem to match the feel of the leather on these boots, which is very smooth (it has some "wrinkles" in it, in some places, but the surface itself is very smooth), pliable, almost, for want of a better word, "rubbery," but also feels very strong. 


Maybe the construction of the boot, and the way the leather has been treated, makes it feel very different from the horse-leather on my other boots (which are, admittedly, meant to be work-boots). Also, apart from my other YYPH shoes, I haven't handled such an expensive pair of shoes before. So maybe, I'm just not used to this quality of leather:) Anyway, I thought that since the boots look similar to the derbies from the same collection, that someone who has either, or has handled them, might be able to enlighten me. 

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I stand corrected. I only just checked the code, which is HJ-E07-704. So, it seems like they must be either AW 2004, or SS 2010. I'm tending towards 2010, although I have to look at some runway photos and see if I can spot them. So, apparently they are a different pair of boots, even though they look almost identical to the SS2012 above in shape, and have the same "rough" edge to the leather soles. The seller didn't mention anything about which collection they were from, so it's my mistake. Very happy with them anyway, and still wondering what kind of leather they might be made from (partly in order to work out how best to care for them). 

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Yohji Paris office had a private sale last weekend with pieces 70-80% off, lots of size 3&4 were available when I dropped by so maybe there is something to be done if you contact them directly and had prior experience buying from YY Paris stores. I'm sure they have some stuff left. I guess it's a stretch but just so you know.
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Yeah, that was me who won the ss03; it was just too good to pass up. I currently have a love affair with all floral Yohji pieces. 

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ss09 and aw05. words can't describe those two jackets. worn with aw11 trousers which i like a lot but can't see them in my wardrobe. i think yegwa has them and placed them in his top 5 or something. up for sale.




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Someone finally bought this AW05 Y's YY Pitti Uomo coat, great coat gone to a good home. 


You should keep the pants. I tried them on in Hervia when they were available back then, stiff cotton and a little speckly unusual fabric if I remember rightly? Great construction. 

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when my tax returns come in i want to buy those pants
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



YYPH AW09 Look 3 Hat - ( HZ-H05-127 ) - in black, 95/5 wool/nylon, 57 cm. 


YYPH SS09 Look 31 Don't Do That Blazer ( HV-J32-301 ) posted before, sz 2, 62/38 linen/cotton. Dry hand fabric with a vintage feel. Big 3 horn button closure, buttonless sleeves. short blazer with a sharp silhouette. Fully lined with polyester " Don't Do That " embroidery on lower back panel.


YYPH AW04 Contrast Placket LS Shirt - ( HJ-B62-053 ) - 100% cotton in black, Size 3, 1 chest patch pocket. Black buttons on cuffs and collar, 6 white buttons for white contrast button placket. Nice details. I like. 


YYPH SS10 Studio Collection Look 3 Cuffed Hem Pants ( HJ-P12-008 ) - black 100% dry hand cotton, size 2 huge waist, 2 back patch pockets, non-elastic banded fabric cuffs.


CDG H+ Belt, Converse. 

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The hat is back! In good health, I see!! Great stuff
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love the hat and i remember that ss09 season. didn't know anything back then, but the blazers were popping up on gilt and i unfortunately never copped
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Originally Posted by davidlee388 View Post

Terrific david,

If you ever get tired of that jacket let me know smile.gif
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they went for dirt cheap on gilt.
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wore my "don't do that" suit yesterday for an interview with dior. the HR woman loved it. 

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fit pics! i want to see wha ta yohji interview suit looks like
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