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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 304

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Originally Posted by davidlee388 View Post

Hmm... the seller certainly doesn't like it enough to keep it. Also sz 2 ain't OS. I like the blue rayon blend lining but I am not impressed by the nylon's like something you can buy year in year out from Y-3 at a fraction of the price. Let's see how much it'll end at.

those kimono/raglan wide sleeves makes the jacket OS as there its no proper shoulder/chest point to hold and justify the shape of the garment. i would love one of the shirts with this cut, conduit has one in black i think. fantastic.

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Well, I have, yet again, been surprised at how what seems like a relatively simple garment, can come alive when worn. I've just received one of the AW 2012 black cotton mantles. Initially when I saw them in runway pictures, I was intrigued, but I wasn't sure how I felt about them, and whether I could see myself actually wearing one. Then I saw Valter's amazing layered fit pic from a while ago, and I was impressed at how he took something which could, with certain outfits, look perhaps excessively "dandyish" and costume-like, and made it look timelessly stylish (I suppose that a truly timeless piece of clothing is precisely one that can appear fresh and exciting in many historical contexts.) Anyway, I've been keeping my eye out for one since then, and with great luck, I managed to pick up one in good condition for a reasonable price. I actually couldn't tell from the seller's photos, whether this was one of the mantles with sleeves, like Valter's, so I was very pleased, when it arrived, to find that it was. I think this adds yet another range of styling possibilities. This is just a quick fit pick. I'm only wearing it with a long YYPH linen shirt underneath, and various other YYPH pieces, because it's too hot put anything more underneath, even for a photo. I'll try a few more photos with more interesting layers later. This is really a phenomenal piece. Very soft and warm cotton, with a lovely heavy drape, and so many different ways to wear it! The great thing is that it combines a really striking style with luxurious comfort (it feels like wearing a really soft blanket). I have a feeling I might have to track down another one of these as a replacement for when this one wears out, because I think this is going to become essential winter-wear from now onsmile.gif


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Originally Posted by stadsvandringar View Post

Just a heads up, I'm the one selling the ss13 jacket. I like it a lot but my wife is uncompromising that I get rid of it, so there you go. If anyone's interested I am always willing to entertain reasonable offers.

Also, the jacket is definitely not OS, but the 3 and 4 fit even bigger, believe it or not, and this could easily accommodate what would be an XL by any other brand.

I apologise for sounding negative about this Look 19 jacket ( called Raglan Side Pull Parka in Ikkon? ). It's just that I'm quite old school regarding YYPH/Y's and I've lots of Y-3 that I still wear/mix with YY so I'm not drawn to the similar sportive fabric used on this piece. I've seen/handled this and Look 12 Balloon Peak Gab Blazer ( amazing construction ) and I can't get my head round how this Look 19 can cost more in retail.... Anyway no doubt it will find a good home.

@Kiko I agree this style will be much more stellar as a shirt.....and more importantly, in black. Btw Ikkon stocks that nylon jacket in sz 2,3 & 4.
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Love this thread. Sat down for about 5 days just read all of it. I'm really glad I did. Immensely helpful; especially the Yohji in the 80s.

So many great looks here. I'll definitely be staying here for a while. 

Keep it up. 

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Received the AW11 cotton blazer today. Thoughts?

Pants are KVA. Not sure if I should hem, taper, roll... Advice appreciated. They are rolled a bunch in the scarf photo. I let out most of the roll in the other photos because I thought it looked better. Last photo is Y's t-shirt circa 09. Really thick and comfy long sleeve tee with a soft hand. Grey shirt is an EG Chauncey. Boots are F&B. I should be wearing my clunkier Tricker's that Asobu recommended with this, but I left them at my parents' house. frown.gif
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Received the AW11 cotton blazer today. Thoughts?

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

You bought the AW11 Look 1 in black from orphée on SZ? He's a super seller btw, very honest and communicative. AW11 was a funny season where some blazers/coats were only made in sz 1,3 & 5 ( I'm sz 2, so put me off Y! bidding on them ) so not sure if Look 1 was one of them. A lot of cotton pieces that season ( handled in Conduit ) were thick brushed cotton type, yours like that? Wish you shot your pics in better light but the silhouette was good. Fitted like the Runway's.
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Yeah, he was great to deal with. Offered me a good price without haggling and shipped it in a LNCC black box!

Yeah, it's really thick. I wasn't sure how I'd like the cotton, but I'm really glad I picked it up. I need to figure out how to mount my iphone somewhere and set the timer. Can't really get any good light the way I'm doing it. Thanks for the comments.
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speaking of SZ, I added some stuff to my sale thread,
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FW07 jacket NWT Size 4
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Originally Posted by cupper View Post

FW07 jacket NWT Size 4

That's been there for ages, don't know why it hasn't been snapped up.

SZ's H-R's AW07 Double Lapel Blazer is crazy good too on eBay.

So are all the stuff on Wire.Artist's & Asobu's SZ Classified and Valter's on eBay.
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I adore this, I really do. I've put the starting bid in, but I'm not likely to be able to go as high as this'll need to win. A shame but I'm happy to be in with some kind of a shot, at least.


Wow though. 

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That's the delimma of listing interesting items here. Great for info sharing but unfortunately the exposure will mean a bidding war. Fellow interested SFers can always agree among themselves on the max they're gonna bid. The trouble is the seller is also a SFer who wants to get the most for his item.

Well good luck anyway. Promise I won't be your bidding rival smile.gif
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Yes, Valter's got some great stuff on Ebay. I particularly like the tailcoat. Tempted by it, but I think it might be a bit big at the shoulders. Also, I think, given the weather here, it would be more practical to pick up one in a lighter fabric.


Another parcel just arrived: a pair of loose, drawstring trousers from SS 2010 (I think). They are very simple, but constructed of a beautiful dark grey cotton/silk blend, very light and moves beautifully. Wore them out the other day with the long grey linen shirt I got a while back. They match perfectly colour-wise, and make a great outfit for a hot day. 

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Here's another pic of the mantle, this time with a different, more voluminous, outfit underneath: Y's loose gabardine trousers, Hussein Chalayan shirt, YYPH vest. I'm not sure what to call this look . . . . maybe "Dr. Van Helsing, Hipster Hunter."





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By all means bid away one and all. I'll have no hard feelings if I lose (and short of no one else seeing the auction somehow I'm bound to lose- its only a shame it wasn't put on a week later, by which time I'd have had a wage packet thru.) Some things aren't meant to be. Besides, if I won my max price would be criminal, I'd feel guilty, frankly. 


Anyway, some sweet REGULATION looks from the YYR facebook. I'm especially taken with specially the third one down. 










The womens' trainers have turned out great! - certainly looking far better on than off. I liked the trainer-only pictures they uploaded earlier in the month, but they did require a bit of an imaginative leap... They've pulled it off, I think.


Less sold on the hi-tops though. Hardly awful design in themselves, but I struggle to see how anyone could wear them with an outfit, they don't even seem to have managed to pull that trick off on the official lookbook photo (below). And they wouldn't look out of place in an early 90s episode of Power Rangers. Saying that, Power Rangers was amazing back then. 




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