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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 297

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I think these are beautiful. I haven't seen them in the UK flagship, but I haven't visited since the first shipment came in. They look seriously good. 


I have no idea how Yohji sizing works for shoes. Ordering online would be a shot in the dark size-wise (I usually take a 42 with sneakers, would that be a 3?)


I'm impressed with Ikkon's whole buy this season- in away I haven't been with other online retailer picks. The prices are seem good this season too. I have high, high hopes for the garbadine loop pants and the light blue striped pants come sale season (though the prices even as they stand now are are very encouraging. )

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got those fantastic gabardine ss96 trousers few weeks ago.. only tried them at home. i would like to sell them if someone its interested. size L - 32 waist. would list them on ebay in couple of days if no one want them here.

ps: i'm selling an other ss92 gabardine trousers in size S - 30inches. spring cleaning my yohji...





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Need more Yohji to wear with that knit I posted earlier...just does not feel right.

Coming Soon is a derivative line right? Always liked the stuff I see on Yoox.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Coming Soon is a derivative line right? Always liked the stuff I see on Yoox.

It was.
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Here's a blurry photo of me wearing a Yamamoto jacket in a shit cafe. 







Steven Edmondson-20.jpg 57k .jpg file
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awesome jacket..

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In case anyone is interested, I've relisted those blue YYPH trousers I had up on Ebay (the light blue ones with a stripe, not the gabardine which have sold), with a lower starting price. 

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High waisted pants in sz 2. If I had the money they'd be mine already
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This is not a fit pic btw. We went to Manchester today so popped in Hervia Bazaar for a truly flying visit.



Couldn't resist to try this on " Not For Sale " Suit 3B Blazer ( HX-J20-203 ) 75/15/15 rayon/ramie/linen, almost a see-thru fabric. Sz 2, half-lined. Fitted silhouette with long sleeves. Polyester " Not For Sale " at the back. Sz 3 is way too big. Didn't bother trying the suit pants ( HX-P29-203 ), did say a flying visit. Sz 2 has 34" waist. Tapering silhoutte with a lightly pressed centre crease. £2000 all in....ouch.


Whilst we were there, I tried on the " For Sale " blazer in sz 1. It was comically small ( StevenE you remarked on this being a sz 1? ), couldn't even button up, couldn't even move my arms....I have tried it in sz 3 in HK so kinda knew what to expect..Then the SA told me that apparently HB's boss Oscar Pinto was informed by Yohji Inc that any topwear available in sz 1 ( except AW11 ) was originally made for Yohji-san himself, i.e. his personal wardrobe ( SS11 Priest Shirt, AW12 Blanket Blazer the other I know of ). Don't know if there's any truth in it cos someone once said also that the man himself wears sz 3? But I have seen how thin Yohji-san is in person, and he is stick thin.

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Yes, those high-waisted pants are truly beautiful, but too small for my size 4 needs. I think being size 3 must be the sweet spot as far as buying Yohji second-hand. In my searches I tend to come across lots and lots of size 3 stuff, some size 2 and 1, and very little size 4 and up. 

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thanks for review, D ! that is pricey and i suppose appropriate given what's written on back :-p
that cubism jacket is outstanding. if i'm lucky i may get hands on the black one (in jersey cotton, i believe?)

pppp i thought of you when i saw those ! really wish i could find the ones in light grey sz3 but alas ...

no real fit pic either, well i wore it but you can't see anything because i forgot to turn on autofocus left it on macro oops ! though nothing new but ss12 ramie cap in khaki/olive
(i usually use manual focus lens on a camera, not phone...)

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SS12 ramie cap with leather strap
AW10 picked stitch DB jacket sz 4 in wool (gab?) with tartan-lined pockets that are hidden abominations
uniqlo tee
cdgh+ wool/poly trousers (from the 90s era suit)
ute ss12 linen bag

i was lucky enough to coax mr parker into letting me take this off his hands :-)
my summer headwear is complete now !
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Just a couple of fit pics of some recent acquisitions (the position of the camera is resulting in some foreshortening, so the pictures aren't ideal): YYPH Blazer (the possibly-but-not-very-likely-fake-onepatch[1].gif)- 100% wool gabardine, half-lined so a S/S blazer, horn buttons, size 4. Hussein Chalayan shirt - very interesting piece, picked it up new, but cheap because of a minor flaw; double layer, top layer is a very loose white collarless shirt, underneath, and attached to it, is a kind of cotton tee-shirt. I think it really fits with my Yohji pieces. YYPH S/S vest (not sure of the year yet, code is HT), 100% wool, but quite light, with an interesting semi-transparent nylon lining. CdG Homme Plus trousers, which my partner found, to our great surprise, while cleaning out her mother's attic. They fit me perfectly, and definitely go with the YYPH stuff. YYPH horse leather shoes (shown before). YYPH pony leather hat (also shown before.) 






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If anyone comes across a heavy winter coat by yohji in my size 3/4 please let me know (something like a peacoat or carcoat but with yohji's flair)
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Originally Posted by davidlee388 View Post
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YYPH SS12 Look 32 Napolean Cubism Jacket - ( HB-J39-808 ) - my personal favourite from the Runway.


Looks great David. I've got the black and gray version of that one. For some reason, it seems to only work with either super baggy pants or loose hakama style pants. I've tried with "normal" pants, but didn't look right.


And btw, you have an incredible Yohji wardrobe. :-)

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As long as we're posting pics of clothes you can't see.. Y's wool jacket, YYPH linen blend pants.
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