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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 295

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Originally Posted by Arche View Post

I just came across this photo of these really interesting YYPH shoes, with a covered heel. I'd love to work out which season they are from. I'd snap them up if I could find a pair. 

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I actually have those shoes. Picked them up from a seller on SZ funnily enough. Unfortunately I cannot help with the season though. I will go and look through my PMs with the seller back then and see whether he said. They are excellent shoes indeed. The leather is pretty good.
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Nothing new, but figured I would post anyway smile.gif.

YYPH multi-button jacket AW11 (wool gabardine - 100)
Merz B Schwanen tshirt (cotton)
Yohji Yamamoto belt AW12 (leather) - This has become my most used belt. Because it doesn't have holes and is cinched instead I can wear it with everything and having it dangling either to the side or in front like this is something I have taken to doing of late.
YYPH super-wide cargo pants AW08 (100% wool - 103) - If you have the opportunity to pick these up (and the corresponding jacket) in whatever fabric. DO IT. Great handstitched details on the pocket and such an awesome shape. Extremely comfortable biggrin.gif
Marvielab suole shoes
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that guy next to you covering his face has slimmer pants which i don't like as much, but nice work the pair of you :-)

PS i want those pants to complete my suit !!!
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Ivwri, great look, the AW12 belt is the Yohji Booster here! Wish I had a belt like that, think that type of belt was featured heavily on the AW10 4.1 The Men Runway too?

I'm shying away from acquiring the matching handstitched pants now since some iterations have flap pocket by the shin which will look odd on anyone short....

Guys here go check Wire.Artist's SZ classified, # AWESOME
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it would be easier for the shorter folks to reach into the shin pockets !!
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thought i'd put some closeups here
big pics (Click to show)

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How the heck did this reach a grand on ebay? Am I missing something?


I was following this earlier because it was a YYPH mistagged as a womans so I though I could get a good price but when I asked about the "Signs of love: small rip in the tie" it turned out to be a half inch moth hole with a few more holes around I left it alone but it still reached a grand... It is an interesting felt jacket with a tied front: a true 80's one-size-fits-all. I have never seen another yohji that looks like this. Does anyone know anything about it because I am curious about what collection it is from.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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Will be in NL for work for about 4-5 weeks. Any suggestions for Yohji (either consignment or new) in Amsterdam, Antwerp, or Rotterdam?
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Nothing new.... No name/Y's/Marsell

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Well, they are pretty straight forward "creepers". The leather is really nice, soft and supple. I'm assuming you saw them on Ln cc? If so, the pictures do/did a really good job of showing how the shoes look. The soles are also toned blue which is pretty cool.


Added some pics.... (Click to show)




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Does anyone know what shoes Yohji is wearing here?



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Red Wing logger boots

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Out for dinner in a bit, nothing new but put together differently :)




YYPH AW05 Look 34 Leather Insert Blazer 

YYPH SS07 Look 27 Suspender Pants

Uniqlo SS Tee, CDG H+ belt, black canvas Converse All Star. 

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