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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 294

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YYPH AW12 Look 34 Blanket Blazer - ( HD-J45-111 ) - in black ( Hervia's piece was brown and sz 2 ) - size 1, even better than 2 in the sleeves, roomy fit. Unusual fabric:- base 85/15 polyester/rayon, pile 100% wool. Feels like a soft, cosy & luxurious blanket/bathrobe. Unlined, buttonless sleeves. 3 buttons offering 1B SB and 2B DB closure options. Decorative brown frayed edged dangling fabric extensions inside buttonhole placket. Bold, off-white reverse stitching along blazer border and 3 patch pockets. Top notch construction and old school Yohji fit.


YYPH SS07 Look 27 Suspender Pants - ( HT-P17-203 ) - black, 56/44 rayon/ramie, soft hand and super drapey. Sz 3, roomy fit, lined in cupro, 7 belt loops + unusual exposed suspender buttons on waistband. Coin pocket, single pleat + 2 back buttoned pockets 


SS Tee, CDG H+ belt, Converse All Star low top in black canvas. 

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great ! love the details on that aw12 jacket
i don't think i've seen you in chucks before!?
someone got a nice haircut recently too
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picked up this sample shirt, pre-00 i am assumed (size M) but can't tell season :/

the fabric looks fantastic though
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Ahh I was eyeing that up too, looks great.

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Right, the last thing I'm selling, hopefully for quite a while, has gone up on Ebay. These are the blue YYPH trousers that turned out to be too small for me. As before, PM me if you want the link. 



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So I think I posted this awhile back, and I am wondering if anyone has any lookbook or runway photos of this worn and styled in various ways.

I find it sort of annoying that it is on the heavier side of a knit and have to wait till next F/W to wear it again. Till then it is folded up in my shelve. I feel also that I need more Yohji, but it seems like a fairly easy knit to wear in its own with some trousers/pants and boots.
Can anyone give me some pointers or directions? Want to incorporate colors, too.

And can anyone help me understand the treatment Yohji uses on this garment? It pills a lot surprisingly. I just have to keep my OCD at a minimal or I'd go insane.

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isn't that a y's sweater ? you'll have to look for 2009 and earlier if it was even shown. it should be cut slimmer so easy to wear with everything you own already
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that coat ss04 alfonso its selling its so fucking awesome.. someone needs to jump on it.. 




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If that was my size would have definitely gone for it. Still don't have a Yohji coat like that in my wardrobe frown.gif.
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That coat also does in fact fit smaller than usual. I believe I have the same coat in different fabric (linen) and it is awesome. I'm normally a sz 2 and I fit perfectly in sz 3.

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Is there a noob guide to YY sizing anywhere?
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Originally Posted by volatile View Post

Is there a noob guide to YY sizing anywhere?

Near the bottom of the first post in the thread - http://www.styleforum.net/t/280641/yohji-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-looser-fit-yohji-yamamoto-thread/0_30#post_5070772
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when in doubt, pick the bigger number icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I just came across this photo of these really interesting YYPH shoes, with a covered heel. I'd love to work out which season they are from. I'd snap them up if I could find a pair. 



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Try SZ. I believe they were talking about these having some similarity to the Individual Sentiments shoes that had their heel portion covered. If i am not wrong, 05/06 season was mentioned.
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