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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 270

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If anyone went to the issey show i would be interested to hear about that too!
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Originally Posted by davidlee388 View Post

Check your inbox, not the SF one smile.gif

i've checked mine and see nothing frown.gif
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Yohji is looking sick so far.

Skirts! (And skirts I will actually buy!)
And for you Lionheart, an iteration of the ronin pants seems to have surfaced here biggrin.gif
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Big black socks!

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Originally Posted by StevenE View Post

Big black socks!

Lol, indeed. Looks like Yohji's team have been lurking in this thread after all icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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haha that's awesome !

as the higher res pics trickle in ... a size 2 can make due with this (it's a 3 but seller normally takes 2 and says this fits fine!)
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Seriously this is weird. I have been searching high and wide for a really cool apron and what happens? Yohji does one for AW13.

Was already prepping myself to drop the money on the Damir one-piece boilersuit and then Yohji does one for this season.

Collection was really cool I think. Lots of nice nods to older collections and pieces, winter-weight hakamas and kilts, some of the shirting looked pretty interesting, great looking knits, and lots of DB jackets (although I was hoping for some comically oversized ones like he used to do in some older collections).

I especially like this look -

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I've got to echo Parker. This collection is super weird. I love the skirts and hakamas but it is a strange collection....

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Been trying to figure out whether there's a central theme to this collection and it feels more like a mix of various themes from previous collections that Yohji felt like revisiting.

There are so many awesome-looking pants here. Guess we will know better when the video comes out, but from a first pass, quite a few of them look great.

We have the wrap skirts showing up, overalls and jumpsuits which I believe Yohji has not done in a while, the Scottish theme with the kilts and kilt-based styling (which I guess could be seen as a natural progression from his Eastern men-in-"skirts" exploration in SS12 to Western men-in-skirts now). Not sure what I think about the prints. They just seemed on-trend at the moment and were not really subversive or humourous to me. I liked how over-the-top his use of fur was though.

The styling was pretty cool here. Great layering and use of the skirts, would love to see everything in motion.

Now to wait on the impressions from the guys that were there smile.gif

EDIT - Looking at the whole thing again, I wonder whether there was some pressure on Yohji to follow the trends a bit and this was Yohji's way of basically saying "No way!". I also feel like there was a lot more input from his team on this than normal for some reason...

Also, damn, missed Parker's original post?
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Too tired and too close a vantage point to really form a definite opinion, it's such a blur. But the theme is Scottish, bag pipe tunes. And Afghan Hound. We had the whole show in video so will go over it a few times..... but we already know YY SS shows have always been stronger than his AW ones lately, right?

Fur? More faux fur. Some glittering and animal print stuff are saying more AW12 Y-3 to me. Some blazers sleeves are very short, and cut rather slim. The jumpsuits and overall can be Regulation Pour Homme.

My wife and I had a better time straight after the show with some truly great guys icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif The iPad cannot upload anything meaningful, in fact I can't believe you guys can see pictures in hi res online barely 3 hours after the Catwalk....
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hehe, sorry for the ninja edit. I felt like I left a knee-jerk reaction... basically the first view left me a little confused -- purple cheatah prints, red fur cuffs, butcher aprons, tweed hunting jackets with kilt-skirts. I realize some of these things have been themes Yohji has explored in the past, but the overall takeaway here was a bit incongruent for me -- Scottish fugitive on safari hiding out in discoteque? ;-)     then I thought it might be like a good album where you need a few listens before you "get it." so maybe I should wait to let it sink in.


still... the tweed jackets, double breasteds and that ulster coat are all pretty sweet and I would wear those in a heartbeat. smile.gif

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The DB coats had some amazing details. I´m not so sure about the animal print, but I did like the top on look 18. My favorite is the knit from look 37...


shah, hope you don´t mind I use your pics smile.gif


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 95


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 95


^ Love it!

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For plebes unable to attend

I loved all the speckled black pieces. I love this effect in general and combined with the yohji twist it was fantastic!

These pants were a surprise to me reminded me of something you could see at MMM
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I've yet to see anything in motion but, basically, it's gotten me really excited.


It's easily his least, well, sane collection in a while. The last one to strike me as properly mad was S/S11 (which manages to be perhaps my favourite YYPH collection ever, while simultaneously being the one with the fewest items I'd actually want to wear.) I can't quite put my finger on it but everything has a very drawn quality, by which I mean in every aspect from the lines and contours to the prints and detailing the looks look literally like drawings. Like cartoons. 


This for instance



It's as though it's not quite here. It's the neck and ankles especially that hammers the effect home. It's something quite new and very very exciting. 




Oh and all the jackets with the button-strap detailing are beautiful. 

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