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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 266

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  • Wool felt hat / YYPH A/W12
  • Wool gabardine shawl coat with inner belt construction / YYPH A/W11
  • Wool gabardine double layer waistcoat / YYPH A/W12
  • Cotton jersey shirt with embroidered back / YYPH A/W07
  • Wool gabardine drawstring pants / Y’s for men A/W93
  • Leather boots / YYPH


Altogether 17 pockets in the whole outfit...

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On top of 17 pockets, black on black on black on black in the whole outfit, very cool icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Congrats on acquiring your grail aka the wool iteration of AW11 Look 7 Shawl Collar Coat at last!
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3 decades of stunning
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My thanks goes to you, David, for instantly informing me when it went for sale! I owe you one!

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David is the man icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Truly great pieces derseve going to true fans who will do them justice.
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Taken from the Yohji Yamamoto Shinjuku store's Facebook page -

1月18日(金) START




2013年1月18日 一足早い春の訪れです。

1/18 START


Fluttering in the wind blows like a flying clothes. Silhouette greatly swollen, fraught with air.
Dolman and optical see-through thin fabric gathers pants jacket walks, fluttering in the wind.

Light clothes without being bound to the norms of society Bohemian roamed the wind blowing, you can travel all over the world in a free way of thinking.
1/18/2013 Is in early spring. We are looking forward welcome sincerely. (Translated by Bing)
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Outfit for today + my wife's birthday dinner later.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Y's Yohji Yamamoto AW05 Pitti Uomo String Lapel Blazer - ( MO-J06-103 ) - a different iteration from TWorksheets's superb piece, with a bizarre MO- code, 100% thick flannel wool. Size 3, deep black, horn buttons, 2B closure + 3B working sleeves. Fully lined in cupro. 3 outside pockets, 2 inside chest + 2 bottom pockets, 7 in all. Deep vent. Aggressive peak lapels with exquisite 12 eyelet leather string detailing. Immaculate construction. 


Close up



YYPH SS06 Multi-pocket Pants - ( HR-P55-100 ) - 100% signature wool gab, size 2 TTS fit, horn buttons, 3 large front waist pockets + 4 usual ones. 


YYPH SS Tee - ( HA-T91-952 ) Dark navy, 100% medium weight cotton. 




So, 14 pockets in this outfit. That will do :)

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happy birthday to Mrs David Lee smile.gif

two bits of color on the pull-tabs holding down the leather, like Mr and Mrs Lee, two lovebirds holding hands -- may it be for a hundred more years
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Got to say Valter's look is one of the best things I've ever seen.

Higher contrast. (Click to show)


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Tough act to follow Auburn icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Issey blazer
YYPH pants (same as previous photo)
OXS shoes

I have been having an issue with these pants in that the fold unravels very easily, any ideas why?
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1. The fabric is too soft.
2. The hems are too wide.
3. 1 and 2.

The cropped pant look ain't supposed to be millimetrically precise in my view. But if you are concerned by it, you may have to take them to the tailor and have them permanently turned up ( sewn ).
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I think I will just because even if i wear it at true waist its too long for me, oddly enough the waist size is fine. I don't mind the neatness, the real issue is that it unravels and i dont want it dragging on the floor getting scratched up smile.gif

Has anyone taken a look at the regulation lookbook up on the YY site? I thought it was nice if a little underwhelming

Also, is this young yohji?

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Happy birthday to the missus David and I hope you guys have a great dinner smile.gif. You guys should totally do a picture together, hehe.

Ben, are you referring to the lookbook itself being underwhelming or is it the show? If the former, well it is basically just the runway shots + product codes like they did last season. I guess with the new financiers, fancy look book shoots with high concepts are on hold for a bit which is pretty sad considering the history that YY has with innovative shoots. If the latter, curious to hear your thoughts.

And yes, that is indeed a young Yohji. Might actually be from Notebook on Cities & Clothes come to think of it...
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Thanks for the best wishes Ivwri and shah, we are just about going out for dinner ( the supersized YY pants come in handy lol ), my wife is super shy for a picture though. ( you both know what she looks like anyway from the other public domain haha )

I actually quite like the Regulation, they are what they are, uniform made in more utilitarian fabrics for a more youthful audience.

Btw the YY website has just been updated today, absolutely wrong timing for me since I'm asking SS to enquire quite a few AW12 ( YYPH + Y's ) pieces in the Tokyo sale and I need the AW12 tag codes for reference..... frown.gif Furthernore Hide is down with the flu so I guess all will be in vain like the SS12 sale, well hope he gets well soon.
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