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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 263

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Nice pick ups Caveat. Happy you went for the silk pants. They look really good in the first set of pics particularly.

Just like TW said, Costume D'Homme is a different Yohji line with what seems to be a focus on more "basic" pieces. It is quite interesting as it looks like quite a few stores picked up some of the pieces this season. At least way more than normal in my own experience.
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Well Costume d'Homme literally means men's suit, so it's classically  tailored attire, not as oversized as PH I guess. The Cambon Flagship has a section just for that. 

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From a few days ago, just forgot to post -

YYPH SS09 blazer with hidden silk/ramie panels beneath the lapels - Picked this up from asobu a while back as a full suit and it is definitely one of my most used jackets. 3-buttons with a wonderful grey silk panel beneath the lapels covered with a ramie mesh. The fabric of the main body is a linen/cupro blend if I remember correctly and it is incredibly light and drapes very well. Goes with so many things in my wardrobe and I love the disheveled vibe it gives off. Full suit is excellent as well with a white tee (I need more u-neck and v-neck light t-shirts!)
YYPH SS12 cotton shirt
Unused leather suspenders with cross-bar in front
YYPH SS00 high waisted wool gabardine pants
YYPH AW12 boots
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I want an outfit like that but in biege/brown for the summer

phenomenal stuff iwri
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that looks fantastic, Ivwri! Glad to hear you're getting good use out of the jacket.
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Thanks guys!

asobu the jacket is definitely one of my top purchases from last year. Have worn it all over the place. Sleeve length is great as it comes close to my knuckles, fabric is great with that awesome slubby texture and drape from the linen and the cut is really cool. Lately I have been basically oscillating between two moods with Yohji - either full on tramp/homeless (which this jacket helps me execute beautifully) or zen/introspective and again it fits the bill due to the fabric so it tends to see heavy rotation, hehe. I need to treat it a little better though as I have managed to wreck some of the stitching on the inside of the left sleeve so need to get that re-done at some point (even though I like the feel of the frayed fabric there).
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Dbl pst
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I've said it many times, why hasn't Ivwri been contacted yet by YY Inc. to walk the Runway? He'll do it for nothing if he's given the clothes to take home smile.gif

Lesson:- if you've got it, you've got it. Effortless is the word.
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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Picked up a couple of items from LNCC and would like opinions on sizing and on the pieces in general. Sorry for the bad photos. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Silk metallic grey trousers. They fit monstrously in the waist. Is this much cinching normal? I'm 5'10 and these are a 3 (didn't have a 2.)

I think they had slipped down a bit in this one, but gives you the best look at them. I think I'll need a belt.

Soutien coat size 2

$200 shirt from Barney's sale size 2
Okay, so my thoughts..
The silk pants are phenomenal. Just really simple and luxurious. Barely cropped because I went with a 3, so not too much of a stretch for me stylistically. The volume seems perfect. If they will stay up in the waist I think I'm good.
The coat is oversized and I know it's supposed to be. Do I need to have it altered in any way, particularly the sleeves? I know it's meant to be big but it feels like it swallows me.
What is Costume d'homme? I thought the coat was YYPH so what did I just buy? LOL
The Barney's shirt was kind of an impulse buy. Not sure if I'll be able to pull that off, but seems kind of interesting.

just want to say that those pants are crazy good, and your pics make me want them way more than the lncc stocks biggrin.gif
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Thanks. I agree and I think they'll get more compliments than anything else I wear. The coat is pretty fantastic as well. I didn't do it justice by not taking better photos with a proper outfit. Just not sure if I will be comfortable with the sleeve length.

Oh, and props to ivwri for recommending I go with size 3 on the pants, despite my waist suggesting a 2 (back when they had both in stock). It really goes back to what these guys keep saying about sizing by your height and not your weight. The pants are the perfect length for me and I think it makes all the difference.
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Tried out the other thing i got from esox, crinkled dark grey IM pants. Contemplating getting them hemmed or wearing them higher up.

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fantastic indeed naija boy!
was wondering if any pants can go with suspenders or if the trousers need specific features ? for example i saw some vlas blomme ones that had buttons on along the waist where the suspenders would connect...

also wish i could rock size 4, this looks so great. and kangaroo leather (in my experience with footy boots) is incredibly supple soft and comfy biggrin.gif
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Thanks david, glad you think so. The truth is I would probably do the catwalk for free even if I didn't get to keep the clothes shog[1].gif.

shah, some pants have suspender buttons for suspenders that use buttons, but you can also pick up a pair of clip on suspenders (like the ones I am wearing in that pic) which you can put on anything. The fact that a lot of Yohji's pants have pretty large waists makes for some pretty cool draping when hung from suspenders in my experience. I am on the look out for one more pair of black suspenders with interchangeable heads so I can use the button closure on pants that have them and use the clip on feature on those that don't.
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next step for bene = suspenders! biggrin.gif
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YYPH AW02 Look 21 Reversible Blazer - ( HM-J09-886 ) - the black iteration of the Runway piece. Size 2 oversized fit, magnificent dual layer construction, 100% flannel type wool on one side, 100% cotton with a diagonal weave on the other. Bespoke double sided metal/plastic buttons with keyring loop, 3B closure, notch lapels with button decoration, buttonholes on both panel allow complete reversibility including button placement. Buttonless cuffs, the wool side features flapped bottom pockets. The double sided buttons + double buttonholes allow a 3-D closure as well. Versatile & playful, dual fabrics make pairing with pants a doddle.


wool side, cotton lapels, 3-D closure



cotton side, wool lapels, conventional closure


back + close-up (Click to show)






Y's Yohji Yamamoto AW05 Patterned Knit - ( MN-K25-197 ) - the shah has a roll-neck iteration? 100% thin soft wool, burgundy. Size 3 short silhouette, ultra long ribbed cuffs + ultra wide ribbed waist. Pattern on chest + shoulders.


YYPH SS06 Pants - ( HR-P14-005 ) - posted before, 100% cotton, size 2 huge waist, metal button on back pocket.


SS Tee, CDG H+ belt, Pataugas.



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