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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 257

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I want to thank Davidlee for pointing out the stumbling block of center creases in pants.  For me, this (lack of) detail just did not register at all when observing fits here or elsewhere, nor when assessing my own efforts of imitation.  Among my own collection of second hand trousers every pair that could fall into the category of "suit pants" has come with creases.  I can understand, though, how pretty much zero drycleaners are going to see the label and know the best treatment for the garment in it's intended environment.

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cinched waist jacket in a beautiful brown tweed fabric



Only thing is, there is a fatal issue (no clue what it means puzzled.gif)




The unique design is characteristic. A silhouette is Yoji ならではですね in loose, too. As for feeling of wearing, it is supposed, but, as for the fatal damage, is not supposed. 

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I think that's just meant to mean there's no serious damage to it, but it has been slightly worn.

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YYPH AW05 Look 9, great blazer, great season, period.
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must resist urge to buy biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

must resist urge to buy biggrin.gif

why, if you like it, would you resist ? 


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It's too cheap to resist.
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taking advantage of the thread... y's trousers in size small. amazing fabric and cut. 

ebay link - - pm me for family price.






Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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If anyone knows how this F/W season jackets fit, the one available on Barneys or La Garconne, "double layer," please let me know. Not sure if I should stick with size 3 or size down to 2.

i.e. double front jacket

Anyone? TIA
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A translation of the listing previoiusly mentioned by zapatiste:




As you would expect, another unique and characteristically loose-silhouette design by YY.  There is visible sign of wear, but nothing major.

90% wool 10%


size 3

approximate measurements:

length 81cm

shoulder width 47cm
sleeve length 67cm
chest width 50cm



Literally, "sign of use is able to be caught sight of, but fatal damage, etc, is not able to be caught sight of."


They definitely aren't saying there is a fatal issue.  Rather, they are saying they don't see one.  This doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't one that they don't see or don't choose to see, but that seems unlikely, and I would assume in this case that the pictures accurately portray the state of the garment.

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YYPH AW05 is irresistible.




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





YYPH AW05 Look 20 Studded Blazer - ( HN-J57-121 ) 50/45/5 cotton/wool/nylon blend, thick flannel wool texture, sleeves + half-body in cupro. Size 2, boxy fit, superb peak lapels, 2B closure. 2 back vents. Black anodized metal studs on lapels, chest pocket, pocket flaps, vents and 4 stud non working cuffs ( unusual ). Leather dart inserts on bottom pockets. 


YYPH AW05 Look 20 Shirt Knit Hybrid ( HN-B12-030 ) - 100% cotton medium weight shirting fabric. Size 3, white, the top section is a cropped shirt, 4 white button closure, 2B cuffs, 100% wool inserts on collar and cuffs, completely detachable. Bottom section features detachable front + rear knit hybrid/apron/skirt panels. 67 buttons in total for the whole piece. Numerous ways to style, worn here with front panel buttoned over. 


YYPH SS10 Studio Collection Look 3 Cuffed Pants ( HJ-P12-008 ) - black 100% dry hand cotton, size 2 huge waist, 2 back patch pockets, non-elastic banded fabric cuffs.


Basic SS Tee, CDG H+ Belt, Pataugas Leather 6 eyelet combats. 

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cleaning time:

aw09 hooded robe/coat/kimono

ss08 hybrid/vestshirtjacket

aw03 y's suit, runway
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I think someone may like this one:

size 3 fit 46
i'm 44, wear as oversized coat in cold days.Gorgeous details, perfect with a gray scarf
100% laine wool
condition 10/10

360USD +Shipping

Would pick it up myself but I'm waiting out for other things
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What's up with the watermark?? I photoshop this image...
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