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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 226

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So I received some trousers I ordered online recently and tried to give my attempt at a more relaxed/Yohji-inspired style. (Pardon my shoes in advanced)

(And my apologies since none of this is Yohji's pieces, and if it doesn't really belong here, I'll take it down!)

Vintage Raincoat.
Lad Musician.
Uniqlo x Opening Ceremony.
Beat-up vans.

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ss12 long coat, ss08 shirt with waistcoat (dyed from white to grey/black), ss99 pants and birks





bonus (Click to show)

my class mate wearing gabardine long coat, ss01 waistpocket pants that i sold to him, basic tee and marcell shoes.


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This is so good but then birks frown.gif

To be fair you wear them pretty inoffensively. I can't help but think even vans or something would be better though.
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I actually really like the birks, I think the shape looks great with the rolled hem. Been thinking about picking some up myself (plus they are meant to be comfy as heck). I do love that sharp shoulder Kiko, looks fantastic icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Good fits all round, you have a tall Asian classmate! Wondering if it's an optical illusion or actually a button missing on that long coat of his?
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I keep the birks in my locker as they are my working shoes. 12hours walking around the table won't be so easy with vans. The "problem" with wearing them all day its that you don't want to take them off and put your other shoes - like today.

David, very possible that the coat its missing button. Its old-90s-made in france coat with fantastic fit and beautiful drape. The waist cord its very practical for changing the shape.
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kept checking on the wool gab priest shirt as i approached (very slowly) purchase point, it has sold now laugh.gif

oh well, wasn't meant to be i suppose !

dante that fit is so cool, i wonder if there is a mmm x birks slippers like the tabis with the split toes, those look funky!
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Ah, I was wondering if you had bought that! I've just been checking the thread to lust over it even though I couldn't buy it shog[1].gif Hopefully whoever did buy it will post a picture here!
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where was it up for sale?

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very nice dante. love the color of the shirt here. birks are okay by me. I wear them always when I work at my home studio.

also, I like that look fishbones. you'll probably find Yohji makes some similar things but with even more interesting details and fabrics.
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parker, are those pants part of the "tweed" y's suit? so lovely...

yeah! thanks for finding them. i really like wearing this "tweed" -- actually heavy cotton that just looks like tweed.
Originally Posted by davidlee388 View Post

Parker have you noticed this:-)

oh, wow. now you got me thinking... hmmmmm - )

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Originally Posted by dantebykiko View Post

where was it up for sale?

right here in b&s

and for months on end too...
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Quick snap at school.

@wire, It's funny you mention marvielab, I found it interesting but did not feel the LN=CC collection. I do like PH. Meh on AD. I think as I acquire more yohji pieces my fits will reflect (perhaps, no gaurentee) a more yohji feel. Certainly what looks ive found ideally aesthetic are those on the runway but perhaps time will tell a different story.

Thanks for the advice smile.gif
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X-post from the waywt thread. My first and second Yohj pieces. I'm already in love inlove.gif:
Originally Posted by TWorksheets View Post

Quick pics before walking my dog:

Y's shirt
YYPH trousers

Better photos spoilered below: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by TWorksheets View Post

Ordered through sharpservice. Hopefully things go smoothly. I've been hearing about some troubling experiences lately, but Hide seems quite responsive...
details (Click to show)
details (Click to show)

Beney, you would love these trousers. They have a built in belt smile.gif
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If you ever tire of them wink.gif
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My Yohji sunglasses. I really like them although I will have to wait a while before I can wear them again...



Detail of the back of my Y's turtles neck. On the right is a triangle shaped seam which pulls the knit around the hips.

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