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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 175

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hey all, you guys look great!
im really new to yohji, dont know why ive never liked it before.
i just got my first pants, will post a fit later
anyway, where do you guys get the hakamas in black? cant find em anywhere:embar:
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Just noticed a shout out to Yohji on Gotham City off of the new A$AP Mob mixtape. Mainstream exposure here we come!

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an other delivery. s/s 99 (couples collection) gabardine suit. 114 wool code, very light weight. it's brand new with tags, which i find quite incredible. the pants are very narrow but the hem part it's left with 3cm seam allowance, so i can take them out and crop too. will post better fit photo at some point.






details (Click to show)



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Very nice Kiko, so you couldn't resist the temptation after all from Blitzonla on Y!. At that price it's incredibly good value. The only reason that the suit had been there for so long is the pants' waist ( like you said being a size S ) but obviously it didn't bother you cos you can tailor worship.gif

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Originally Posted by Talib Kweli 
I'm too fast for slow pokes running on the track with Yohji Yamamoto's
This ain't fashion rap I'm bringing the passion back
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he really misses hi-tek's production.
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Originally Posted by Lupe Fiasco 
Such a good designer Junya Wantanabe got genu
I like Yohji Yamamoto and I might roll solo

I think there might be an Immortal Technique reference too but can't find it. erykah badu and Mos Def certainly appreciate Yohji as well
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YYPH SS09 Set-up




YYPH SS09 Look 15 Leather Insert Suit ( aka Born To Kill ) - great suit.


Blazer ( HV-J06-114 ) 100% wool, supple soft hand, thinner than 100 gab fabric. Size 3 ( size 2 is too snug, some SS09 are pretty fitted ). Dark black,  3B closure with notch lapels and buttoned non-working sleeves. Long silhouette with sharp shoulders. left chest pocket and 3 flapped pockets, 2 at bottom, 1 at right mid section. Big inserts of black leather cover shoulder area and between pockets and back panel, finishing on a leather back vent.  Fully lined in cupro for obvious reason ( to cover the leather joints ). Yohji's peculiar text " BORN TO KILL " below the collar


Pants ( HV-P07-114 ) - posted before, size 3, huge waist and super baggy, front pleated. Belt loops, 2 back pocket flaps, and darts on knee side buttoned pockets in leather.


SS Tee, CDG H+ belt and Y-3 Hejarklack Hi-tops.

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I can't believe there are still "new with tags" items out there from 04. really cool, kiko. great addition to your collection.

erykah badu: top 5 all time shows I've seen. she's amazing live. I don't think she was wearing any yohji that night though.
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parker, it's from 1999 not 2004. anyway i'm pretty sure all these rap references are towards y-3 line not yyph. asap it's wearing y3 not pour homme, also the "celebrity" front row for y-3 show it's probably one of the "best".

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Silk trench coat (S/ black) with the waist belt

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Originally Posted by the shah View Post
Silk trench coat (S/ black) with the waist belt


It's a nice coat my friend. I have bought from Rinkan before. This time last year they had lots of YYPH and YYF ( BNWT ) after the family sale at great prices. They hold sale on particular items ( like this one maybe ) with a " time window " to order. Their condition rating is honest, so a " B " on that coat needs to be taken into account.

Quite narrow chest for a coat, length is very long ( 133 cm ). Someone tall wearing that will look great in motion, that lightweight silk smile.gif
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My contact just PM me to say he met a friend today in Tokyo who went to the family sale last Saturday. It was like a queuing system and they let customers in a few at a time ( like the Adele Sand sale in Paris ). His friend went early Sat morning but wasn't the first ones; the first 10 customers bought ALL the YYPH stuff ( not much left to start with ) and only a small amount of YYF/Y's left when he departed ( he didn't buy anything cos there's none left ). He also said he had been told this is the last family sale to be held apparently.


So we may see some BNWT pieces on Y! ( a few already appeared ) and SZ or SuFu, who knows......

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Just picked up this '00 suit after a long wait due to the Nigerian postal service being weird. Anyway, it came in from wireartist and it is FANTASTIC! I had to share biggrin.gif.

Material is a fantastic cotton and the construction of the jacket and pants are crazy. Hidden pockets all over the place - including one in the lapel and several on the sleeves and legs of the pants. Zippers, buttons, the works. Had to take the full suit for a spin.

T-shirt is Margiela from SS11 and sandals are Burberry Prorsum also SS11.

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Oh yeah, welcome to the thread eloq. I think most people picked up their Hakama pants from auction sites like Yahoo auctions. They sold out pretty quickly in Japan and are probably all gone from EU/US/UK websites and stores, although I believe still has one of the fabric blend hakama pants in a brown colour. Also bear in mind that they are not all the same cut with some being wider than others so you should just keep an eye out on auction sites and various forum classifieds to see if someone is selling theirs. Hope that helps.
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