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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 148

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Great fits guys. Love how that floral jacket looks on you kiko, really regret not picking up one when I had the opportunity. Different cut, but the pattern is so nice in person. You must definitely post a pic when you get the pants biggrin.gif.
Priest shirt looks awesome on you David, happy you decided to go for it icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif. I am looking forward to picking up another long shirt from SS13, they are really cool in motion and like valter and kiko said can be styled with a jacket for extra oomph. I really like the hidden side pockets too. I think cupper had/has a priest shirt for sale in wool gab (albeit in a size 3), someone should be pick it up for sure.

That SS11 Floral Jacket is indeed great, is it 100% cotton? I remember the Conduit Street SA wearing the whole suit ( not sure if it's Look 2 ), very striking and bold, I ain't flamboyant enough haha. Why not go the whole suit with the floral slip on shoes as well given the opportunity?


You need to post a fit pic for the Priest Shirt man, I'm sure you can do it better justice worship.gif

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kiko, the floral jacket is amazing. the whole outfit makes me think Ann Demeulemeester more than Yohji, to be honest, but that's not a bad thing.

I was looking through Fall 2011 photos and suddenly saw what I think are the pants I just bought. I wonder if they weren't from this spring at all but were leftovers from that previous season. No, definitely ss12, but they fit almost exactly like this. Here's the runway shot, and this is also a good representation of how they fit me
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

it's tough to see because of the black, but here's something very similar in terms of the shape in a different fabric

What struck me as being most different about them when I tried them on is not how they look from front or back, but from the side. I realized that you rarely see profile shots on the runway, so you're missing out on a whole different shape. My pants are very baggy up top, but with a really pronounced taper (I think the leg opening is only like 7", or even less). That oval shape that's so distinct from the side isn't nearly as apparent from the front or back.

Actually, if anyone knows of a place to find some profile shots from any YY shows, even if it's just a few looks, that would be great. I'd love to have a look.
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They must just be a similar cut pppp. I have those pants in the black fleecy wool/nylon blend and the code is HP - P61 - 127. I guess the season code marks it out as SS12 for sure. The AW11 pants have an actual seam on the front so that' what forms the crease-line as it were.

One of my favourite pairs of Yohji pants is just as you describe, baggy up top with a strong taper. Very nice low crotch with a single panel for the seat of the pants so no seam there. They are in 100 wool gab and feel really nice to move around in.

You should throw up a picture with the pants even if it is in iPhone-o-vision wink.gif.

There are some videos on YouTube taken by sitting down at the shows that do show off some side views of the models so you could try generic searches over there and of course tumblr, dunno about websites that have an easily accessible album of photos though.
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yeah, you're right. forgot about the season code. not used to being able to actually look up a garment like that. kinda nice actually. i'll try to grab a decent pic when I have a chance.

edit: are these the pants, Ivwri? the ones I got are similar, but where the light hits I can see the fabric is different. the pleat on mine is just pressed, not actually stitched

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Yup, those are the pants. Mine are a wool/nylon blend (98 wool/ 2 nylon if I remember correctly) and the fabric is definitely a textured sort of wool, not as rough as boiled wool, but definitely fuzzy. The nylon gives it an interesting smoothness that is difficult to explain. They are great pants though if a tad warm most of the time to wear over here. Got to really enjoy them when I was in France earlier this year though smile.gif.
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off to see batman on the biggest screen in uk. midnight screening, if you don't hear back from me in an week all my yohji goes to this thread members! =))




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just wanted to give a little shout out to the Coming Soon shirts on yoox. I recommend them to anyone looking for a Yohji style shirt on a budget. While not quite made to the exacting standards of YYPH, they are similar in fit and have some cool details. Made in Italy. Quite nice especially for the price.

I recently picked up this black band collar pull-over grandpa shirt which has a pleat just below the front placket and a gathered pleat at the back. It has sort of a poofy pirate quality, but not in a bad way. The color is faded black and the fabric is really soft. I will probably wear this with a navy jacket and maroon pants aiming for that AW12 look.

I also got this navy bib front collared shirt which is a nice color and has a really cool flap detail on the elbows.

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Those are the pair I bought in size 4. So hopefully they won't be as short as them on the fit photo.
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uu lightweight blazer / yyph cotton tank / yyph 09 big pocket cargos / leather superga

w/o jkt (Click to show)

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I've just bought this YYPH tweed jacket. The seller didn't include any photos of the tag with the fabric code, so I can't check which season it's from until it arrives, which will probably be in a week or more. In the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone recognises the jacket from past seasons. It has the old S, M, L sizing (it's an M) if that helps at all in narrowing it down. I've looked through most of the runway photos that people have posted and I'm pretty sure I haven't spotted it. 




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Went to the Conduit store to have a look at the new season stuff - the fleece capes are insanely cool, can be worn in a ton of different ways, so I'll be interested to see how people who pick one up rock them happy.gif Also saw two grey denim pieces (looked almost like acid wash?) that were kinda cool, albeit did stand out quite a lot from the rest of the rail! The the velvet floral print Y's women's suit that was in the campaign shot was fantastic in person (the same one on the homescreen of the YY website). And it was nice to see the Limi stuff, because this FW was one of my favourite collections so far from her - the shape and cuts of the coats and jackets were really cool.
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Dinner outfit, going out having fun so why not having fun in your clothes as well?





YYPH SS09 Look 31 Don't Do That Blazer ( HV-J32-301 ) Exhibited in V&A, luckily acquired it BNWT, sz 2, 62/38 linen/cotton blend. The fabric has a dry hand finish, not very black giving it a vintage worn look. Big horn-looking buttons, 3B closure, buttonless sleeves. short blazer with sharp silhouette. Fully lined ( good for fall season ), large, bold polyester embroidery on lower back panel. Humour + details at the back = Yohji-ness


YYPH SS09 Patch Pocket Pants ( HV-P14-031 ) , 100% thin cotton fabric, non-runway piece? sz 3, drawstring + button waist with belt loops, drawstring hems, 2 big patch pockets front and back respectively. Extra piece of triangular fabric on left side next to front pocket. Comfortable, roomy and casual.


Black SS Tee and Y-3 Hejacklack Hi-tops.

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Is this jacket from y!? 36k yen? I had couple of sleepless nights over this jacket. One of my grails.
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that jacket was on gilt a few years back iirc
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