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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 131

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Originally Posted by Ivwri View Post

Well, I did ask for people to put up their top three pieces in their wardrobes and maybe grail pieces as well. We could always expand it to five devil.gif.
I am working on taking pictures of all of mine and so will probably post over the weekend. Been a bit busy this week. Think I have sorted out the pieces I like the most so far anyway.

I haven't forgotten Ivwri, it's good to expand to Top Five. I will do it in reverse order as a build up to the most favorite piece haha.


As for favorite seasons, I think the availability of videos for newer collections gives an advantage compared to just looking at Runway pictures alone because we all agree Yohji is about motion and for some pieces, the back are where the Yohji twist lies. My top seasons are also based on the pieces I possess and experience, the concept, the cut, the constructions, the fabrics and the emotions they evoke on the wearer. AW05, AW09, SS07, SS06, AW07, SS08 are all sensational ( in no particular order ) SS12 is also excellent in concept, the east meets west theme. It is also a very focused season, a very " seasonal " season, the lightness of the fabrics is great but at least for me who resides in the NW of England, also less versatile in mixing with other AW stuff for the colder climate here. Still stellar of course. 

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Even with my limited experience of Yohji's stuff (I only discovered his work a few months ago), I've seen so many pieces I love that it would be very hard to list only 3 or even 5. Here are a few that I would snap up in a heartbeat if I saw them somewhere and had the money. With the first two image, I think the whole outfit is fantastic. I'm a sucker for tweed in general, and I think the oversized fit works particularly well here with all these heavy, warm fabrics. This is the sort of outfit I could virtually live in all winter. The second one is pretty simple, I admit, but I love the shape of the coat, the length of the sleeves, and the one button. I think the colours also go very well together. The third one is my grail for my partner. She has worked for years as a curator of historical fashion at a museum, and when I showed her this we both agreed that this is the ultimate curator's coat: classy, eccentric, and equipped with big pockets:) Anyway, there are many more, but this is a start. 





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Actually, I just thought of one more women's piece that I think is fantastic. When I saw this I was reminded of something my partner told me. Apparently, and the dates escape me now, but I think it may have been during the Elizabethan era, it was once fashionable for men to slash their jackets, in order to show the shirts they had on underneath. This was apparently a cheap way to add interest to a piece of clothing when you couldn't afford expensive fabrics etc. 


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Spring/Summer 2004 its my ultimate collection. I'm on my phone now but will check if its been posted if not I will do, so everyone can enjoy it.
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K, I posted some small pics of SS04 a while back, if you have better pictures please post them! Would really like to see more of that collection myself.

Thanks for that post Arche, that coat is indeed an ultimate curator's coat nod[1].gif. Very interesting to hear about this slashing of coats. Puts quite a few things in perspective. Any more info on that by any chance?
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I could always ask her for more info if you are interested in anything particular. From memory, the idea was that the outside of a garment would be slashed so that the contrasting fabrics and colours of either the lining, or the garment underneath (say a shirt) would become visible. The lining, or garment underneath, would then sometimes be pulled through the slashes to add more variation in colour, texture, fabric, and so on, to the garment. 

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Ivwri I will do that later today. Also if you can edit your "runway" spoiler in the beginning of the thread, so we they are in chronological order. I will be able to see what's missing and probably post it.

Arche, that sound very interesting and inspiring. In which museum your partner working if its not too personal? Would love to know more facts like this. Will definitely try to look up to the slashing coats, once I get chance to access my library.
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That curator coat is great indeed. On the runway:


I wonder if I can make a list of favorite collections... A/W 2000 "haute couture" collection would be up there in the top at least.

top 5 pieces is way hard, though I'm very interested in seeing your lists. It's always interesting to get a more detailed view and understanding of a particular garment.
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Does anyone possess a copy of the price list for the YYPH AW12 Runway Looks with Japan release dates like the one for SS12? It was super valuable that Runway items can be identified and ordered, not to mention comparing the huuuuge retail difference between Japan and elsewhere.
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is it that big a difference that is worth looking into jp stockists to get items ??
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30% cheaper, I believe.
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ok wow i had no clue not that i'm really buying loads at retail anyway but where do you recommend looking ? the OP has stockists list but they are US/EU I believe ...
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30% minimum, no? All the way up to 40%+ in some cases! Drop is different though, spread out across the season - 5 or so
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Originally Posted by dantebykiko View Post

30% cheaper, I believe.

For us living in UK, the difference is bigger still frown.gif


SS12 Look 44 gab inverted collar blazer with white piping, Hervia Bazaar retails @ £1170, Japan Yohji Aoyama Store retails @ 84,000 yen ( roughly £690 ), about 59% of UK retail. Depressing, ain't it? So paying full retail using a Japanese proxy store pick up is almost the same as getting it in UK at sale time ( 40% off )....
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Originally Posted by asobu View Post

30% minimum, no? All the way up to 40%+ in some cases! Drop is different though, spread out across the season - 5 or so

Hence who can get hold of that magical Japanese price list vs Runway Looks for AW12 like the one leaked out from last season?
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