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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 94

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Missed a lot of good stuff here the last few days. Ivwri, you're totally rocking that hat and I think it works great for you. Not only that but that fit is pretty much a perfect day-to-day get up. Parker is again re-evaluating my views on stuff, this time the cover pants which look perfectly natural here. I don't know if I could rock them but you do it very well. Definitely need those ecru/off-white hakamas since your last fit as well. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Dante posting up some great fits too. I see we've had some dealings before then; I sold you that shirt + attached suit! I absolutely loved the fit and fabric but the color and condition (it was sold to me like that without the seller mentioning it) made me unsure. You've definitely improved it by dyeing it black, and it fits you great, kinda wish I had it now, lol. It's from SS94, he did several suits with that double/floating layer construction in different fabrics and colors. Apparently the "non-black" collection, most of the stuff was whites, blues and greys I think. I read it was inspired by scarecrows, hehe.
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If anyone's interested, Hervia has a bunch of Yohji on sale, including two hakama styles in small sizes here with an extra 10% off if you use the code SALESS12.
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A collection inspired by scarecrows sounds right up my alley, hehe.

dantebykiko is really making me seriously consider doing a short course in sewing and maybe even pattern making. Been thinking about it for a while, but I think I will take the plunge sometime next year. So cool that you can decide to make an item of clothing and just go for it.

I haven't forgotten about making a fit post actually so will do so once I can get a picture done this morning. Mirror-less dressing FTW! happy.gif
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My fit pic contribution -

Yohji stand collar jacket from SS2012, khaki pants from AW11 (these are nice as they have buttons on the waist to allow one to not only adjust the width, but also the pleating in the front). Shoes are Ann Demeulemeester creeper derbies.

It's quite overcast here and I was using my iPhone so photo quality is not great.

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This has turned into a sort of "go to" look for me: YYPH blazer and shirt (today it was a COS shirt), some old HM trousers & Docs. I feel like it is sort of an atypical "Yohji fit" in that the proportions are reversed; the top being large and airy while the bottom is slim. It is a silhouette that I feel is more commonly found in womenswear but I like the juxtaposition of proportions.



YYPH, 1.jpg


Different lighting (Click to show)

YYPH, 2.jpg

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ivwri, i like those trousers a lot. that's what i'm kind of missing in my wardrobe, trousers that i can wear without rolling them. 


auburn, i agree that you need looser trousers or at least the crotch should be lower.


couple of things i have to show, again...


outfit i wore today. the shirt i won from asobu (so funny that i bought it from you, such a small world!, i checked your feedback and saw you purchase black trickers from a friend of mine (lee)). worn with silent tee, y's wool trousers and vintage converse.



fit post. (Click to show)


there it's antique market every thursday in london. having first thursday free for so long i decided to go and check what they've got. come back home with boro jacket and great pair of trousers for  next to nothing. i asked the japanse guy if he can look for vintage yohji next time. apperantly he graduated from bunka with menswear degree. he said he will be in touch shortly!


i tried to stay away from boro jackets because of the visvim trend, but £20 price tag. also the trousers are made from very nice and thick wool, with great texture and faboulous details. £10! he had around 20-30 different pairs on same price.



vintage finds. (Click to show)


last post it's about something very exciting i was waiting for. since i can't afford yohji's hakamas, i decided to buy the real deal. 100% silk, can't wait to wear them tomorrow.


hakama fit. (Click to show)


sorry for the big and badly written post. i'm watching football, pattern-cutting and posting at the same time. no time for spell checks. patch[1].gif

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man, well done on all of that stuff. you've a good eye.

do me a favor tho and look up! It hurts my neck to look at you staring down at your feet like that.
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Excellent stuff all round kiko. That's one of the things I really miss about London, all the access to those wonderful vintage shops.

Really like the vintage boro jacket and the shirt you picked up from asobu.
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Glad to see we're getting so many fits in here. Auburn, I like that you're going all out with the massive jacket but I'm not sure about that undershirt. I would prefer it with different pants too, like those straight-legged Y's pants you wore in an earlier fit, but I understand that might not be the proportions you're going for. In my head I'm not sure the textures of the gabardine and the HM jeans play well together but perhaps it's better in person.

Ivrwi, love this silhouette. Those pants are indeed very nice, I was always curious about them since the runway (I take it they're the ones worn with the oatmeal shawl coat?) so glad to see a proper fit them them.

dante, damn the shirt looks great on you! Seems like you're doing both the suit and the shirt justice, glad to see that.Very cool to see your vintage finds, love the boro stuff. Hilarious that you know the guy who sold me the Tricker's too. Tell him I love them and wore them all the time this winter/spring. Really happy how that worked out.

I'm also particularly fond of those SS04 Y's trousers - or that whole set up, really. I have the long 1 button jacket in the same style (one white embroidered line on the back) and wore it today! Actually I'm wearing pretty much every day now. Construction is amazing, really one of those pieces where the runway YFM line really measures up with the mainline in terms of details and construction. This particular gabardine is amazing to me, the 1% polyester makes it magical somehow. My jacket is lined in 100% silk too, not the regular cupro, and there's white pickstiching along the lapels and front sides. Really good stuff, hoping to pick up the 3 button suit someday (missed out on it on eBay a couple of years back, still regret not bidding higher) or perhaps the spring coat iteration.
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Glad to see this thread is still thriving...

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Thought I show my support to post some fit pics.


AW05 Look 10 Blazer III.jpeg AW05 Look 10 Blazer IV.jpeg

I bought this BNWT YYPH AW05 Look 10 blazer from a very friendly eBay seller 2 months ago, it is a size 3 rather than my usual size 2. AW05 is one of my favourite PH seasons, love the cut, the fabrics and the theme. Since I don't have the matching pants with buckled hems to make a suit yet, I am eager to experiment pairing it with different pants for the best fit. The 90/10 wool/nylon blend is exquisite and feels indestructible, size 3 fits just like the Runway with a slight long sleeve feel, really like the boxy shoulders and the elasticated body gives a good contrast so it's all good. Worn with a basic Tee and blue AW05 Look 40 size 3 " long johns " wool knit pants with ribbed hems ( got from wire ). They are amazingly constructed; really oversized apart from the hems so they are tucked in AW08 YY x Adidas boots.


AW05 Look 10 Blazer.jpeg


Tried a more formal look this time with SS11 double collar LS shirt and AW08 Y's for men oversized wool/cotton drawstring pants, size 2 waist measures 40" and rolled up 3 times :)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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^^ wow, good page. nice range of looks.

I took another crummy pic today. Part of my latest mini splurge: cubist Napoleon cotton jacket worn with random surf tee, Coming Soon linen-wool black pants, Yohji army cap and my dreaded Birkenstocks which I seam to wear everyday, sorry guys. Not sure if this combo works. Might be better with some other pants. And maybe proper shoes. But just to echo what Ivwri said, this cotton is amazing. I used to think all luxury jersey was the same (and not worth the price), but this sh*t is nice even if it's still spendy.

front and back (Click to show)

jacket detail (Click to show)

also 1234, no one bats an eye where I live. Same when I lived in LA. I think it's more about what you feel comfortable in. Also, I'm old and don't really care. ;-)
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Agree with others, great fit pics all around. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates the pics as a way to help us 'newbies' in how we can incorporate Yohji into our everyday wear. It certainly helps me with ideas as to how it can mixed and matched with other non-Yohji pieces. Re: the comment earlier about how Yohji is a 'dangerous' brand. It can be dangerous like any other line where the pieces are created to match one another, but I think as others have referred to and proven that you don't have to be in Yohji from head to toe and it still looks good.

I'm curious as to people's thoughts on wool dress pants being rolled up vs. hemmed to the right length when paired with a suit jacket. I've seen both in many different images. To me, rolled up hems indicate a degree of casualness especially when worn with a matching suit jacket. Hemming to the right length is more like a traditional suit attire. Does it just come down to personal preferences?

Re: the earlier discussion on hats. I love hats with outfits but good ones can be so hard to find. They are hardly ever found online but when they are, I've found buying hats online is very risky as the sizing can be quite different. Plus I don't know if it will look goofy on me until I can try it on. Some styles work better on me than others even though I might like the shape.

Ivwri - thanks for the reminder about the SS12 price list. I forgot all about it and thanks for answering the question about the different variations of hakamas.
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Great page is great page
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davidlee388, that blazer looks great. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, that looks like the jacket from the tweedy suit I asked about a while back. I love the detail on the back. Great find. I really hope another one of these finds its way onto ebay some time. 

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