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Yohji, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Looser Fit (Yohji Yamamoto Thread) - Page 70

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Originally Posted by Magic1 View Post

If anyone has (or knows someone who has) a size 2 or equivalent yyph or Y' line black jacket for sale, let me know.
Interested in wool or gabardine.

Found this on eBay, but dunno whether it fits the bill or whether you have seen it already.
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Not sure what I think about Yohji directing a film. It could go either way to be honest in terms of the final outcome, I am very happy that he eels to be stretching his wings creatively more and more though. Which bodes well for the coming seasons I think (provided he doesn't get caught up with being a filmmaker and saves all the creative energy for the movie itself...).


Interesting news. I think it could be great if the movie costumes would be available as a collection in YY stores if he is putting lot of work on those.

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Yeah that sounds like it would be really cool smile.gif.

The collection would have a very nice theme to work with as it could be inspired by the movie instead of having outfits straight out of it. That way we get the visual feast of the movie (and he gets to not inadvertently use the movie to market the next collection) and we get a great collection with thematic or just conceptual links to the movie.

I wonder what it would be about. Would be great to be surprised and end up getting a science fiction movie or comedy, hehe.
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hey, yeah I saw that jacket before. I like it, but can't do with the embroidery..
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Well, Tom Ford´s " A single man" was a pretty good movie. Wardrobe and aesthetics wise it was great. if  Yohji has a good script in his hands, he seems like the kind of person who could make a film work. He´s obviously very smart and talented, it´s just a matter of extrapolating that into the movie.

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I was thinking of the Tom Ford movie, too. That's a good example of someone crossing over from one discipline to another. Not usually a successful endeavor (see actors who have bands), but some people have what it takes to do many things well.
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Yeah to be honest, I have high hopes for the movie, at least from an aesthetic standpoint (cinematography etc.) as Yohji obviously has a good eye based on the photographers he has worked with in the past. Worst case scenario, it will turn out like Daft Punk's Electroma which was great visually and had great music but was not so hot as a film.

Speaking of movies and Yohji. I thought I would post some clips from Wim Wenders' movie, Until the End of the World for which Yohji apparently did over 500 costumes for! From traditional Japanese costumes to the more usual deconstructed Western suits and so on from Yohji's repertoire, very nice outfits from what I have seen so far. Haven't seen the film itself though.


Longer clips:
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the costume in the first clip (49 second mark) looks like an issey miyake piece
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

the costume in the first clip (49 second mark) looks like an issey miyake piece

It certainly does. It's very likely as well. Yohji is not credited as the costume designer on the film so it is possible that he really just designed a lot of costumes for the movie at the direction or request of Wim Wenders and the costume designer while they still got pieces from other designers to round it all off. It's also possible they just used clothes from his line in the movie. Really like quite a few of the jackets in the clips above. Shame there's so little info out there about things like this with regards to Yohji.

I saw a painting Yohji did in the Paris flagship store when I visited a few weeks ago. Found a photo of it via Flickr -



He is reminding me a lot of Takeshi Kitano right now actually. Would be cool if he got him to help out with his first cinematic endeavor behind the camera. Hehe.
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Another Filep Motwary photo from Hyeres 2012.



Also, some video of the Hyeres 2012 exhibitions. Yohji has a small section near the beginning and they show some of his clothing that they are exhibiting.

If anybody is interested in having a look at the Hyeres 2012 fashion show have a look here.
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I never really thought I'd do this, but...I totally just sniped a yohji suit off the 'bay. Now to hope it fits, length-wise (for summer, at least).

Something about the YY elegance is really attractive, lately. Ivwri, I also jocked your steeze and bought a pair of marsell slip-ons to wear with loose summer stuff. Hopefully they work out, too. You guys are killing me.
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Came across a cute little nugget in David Foster Wallace's "The Suffering Channel" today:
There was also something just perfect about the editorial intern's jacket's asymmetrical cut, both incongruous and yet somehow inevitable, which was why Yamamoto was generally felt to be worth every penny. At the same time, it was common knowledge that there was something in the process or chemicals used in commercial dry cleaning that was unfriendly to Yamamoto's particular fabrics, and that they never lay or hung or felt quite so perfect after they'd been dry cleaned a couple times; so there was always a kernel of tragedy to the pleasure of wearing Yamamoto, which may have been a deeper part of its value.
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i hate the dry cleaners.
they always ruin the tags by pinning their tags onto it musicboohoo[1].gif, among other things of course
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I try to stray away from clothes that are dry clean only. I've never dry cleaned or used the at home dry cleaning kits (anyone have experience with these?) It just seems like an unnecessary hassle, but a lot of the nicer clothes are dry clean only.
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