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This thread should be of some help:
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Originally Posted by Brian Weeks View Post

Swimming has helped me lose most of the fat and build shoulders, back, quads, everything pretty much! Now it looks like I will have a lot of alterations when I go to get a suit that FITS ME!  


No wonder people look at me differently than before; given avg. drop is 6 inches and I am DOUBLE that. I must look like the shape of a narrow inverted isosceles triangle when most others are square to ovoid/round shaped (zero to negative drop as in fat-@$$).


If you're really a 12" drop, I doubt you'll find anything that fits right without going MTM or bespoke, even after alterations. You can't take in more than about 2" on the jacket before it throws off the balance with the pockets. Alternatively, the really slim fit suits may have enough waist suppression, but would be too small in the arms and shoulders, assuming you've got a bodybuilder type physique.

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