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Originally Posted by dirk diggler
Wusthuf knives

I love their knives...

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Originally Posted by Renault78law
Anyone know where to get a professional/commercial quality knife magnet rack? Similar to the one posted by Kent?

By the way, are there any reasons not to use said method for storing knives?

I believe Williams-Sonoma makes one. Never had any problem knocking knives off mine. My kitchen is very small, and these racks are a great way to save some counter space.
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I have Marimekko and Iitalla. Olivetti , Arcopal and Murano.
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Kuppersbusch wok,range,warmer
Kuppersbusch dishwasher
Liebherr 48" Refer
Miele coffee
Miele range
Faber hoods
ALNO kitchen
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Pasquini Espresso
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Originally Posted by Luc-Emmanuel View Post
I have a lot of stuff in my kitchen, but the stuff I use the most are my Cristel pans and my Staub cast iron oval "cocotte".

How do you find the Staub vs. Le Creuset? I've heard very good things about the former...

As much as I enjoy cooking, I have yet to invest in top-quality kitchenware. I think that'll be my retirement present to myself in 25 years...

To date I have a Wusthof Grand Prix II sandwich knife (4") that gets far too much use as an all-purpose knife, a shitty stamped-steel Henckels chef's knife (Berlin line?), a Le Creuset 7-quart round French oven, a 7-piece set of Lagostina pots/pans (bought under the misguided impression that the brand still represented quality -- should have gone for Paderno or All-Clad), and some made in France appliances from Moulinex and T-Fal that I'm quite happy with.
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Everything from thrift stores of craigslist.
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Nespresso LeCube Cuisinart Toaster Oven Kitchen Aid Blender Oxo Digital Scale Simple Human drying rack and soap dispenser I bust out the grinder and french press when coffee is needed
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GE monogram appliances Kitchenaid mixer Rancilio espresso machine and grinder Henkel knives All Clad cookware Laguiole flatware
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Wustuf Classic knives
Le Creuset and All-Clad pots and pans
DeLonghi espresso machine
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10 year old Wustuf's and still going strong
10+ All-Clad stainless and rocking every night
15+ year old and new Le Creuset
Vitri and Alpilco tabletop
Assorted glassware from around the world
lots of cutting boards
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A lot.

Viking range
GE Monogram fridge

Calphalon cookware and some older cuisinart cookware (the 5 quart saute pan gets the most use)
Cutco knives (a gift -- the serrated ones still impress me)
Unknown European flatware purchased from Williams Sonoma
Various and sundry accessories, linens, etc.
Amazing ball bearing equipped rolling pin with silicon surface and a few other fun stand outs
Belgian waffle maker
High tech toaster that still does nothing other than toast

Alex Duetto II Espreso maker
La Cimbiali Max Hybrid Grinder
Hario Nouveau vaccum pot
Boudin french press
And a brewer I haven't used in years ...

Reidel of various shapes and sizes
Cocktail glasses of all required sizes

Need: cast iron pans, a killer Chef's knife, an old school mixer, and one of those space age blenders that can turn veggies into hot soup in 8 seconds ...

Don't now and never will own: a microwave.
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Have never seen this thread before....

+1 on microwave. Just had to replace our fancy pants Cuisinart toasteroven after only 2 years! Have recently started using some allclad pans and am enjoying them greatly. The thing I can't believe and shake my head at everyday is 2 refriderators (kitchen acceses both dining room and kids/family room), although I have to say it has worked out well....
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+1 on no microwave either.
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I think the ALL CLAD stainless pots and pans have been one of my best long-term purchases for the kitchen. I highly recommend them. Look for the special pricing on starter sets, then watch for sales and promotions on new or special pieces. If you keep an eye out for them you can get good deals over time.

The other best long-term purchase has been the aluminum PERFEX salt and pepper mills from France. Other mills grind smoother and finer but if you are like me and like a course cut pepper or salt, then this is the one for you.

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