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Thanks Colonel, for the encouragement and additional information.  Both are appreciated.


My best to you, as well.



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Originally Posted by ShoeLady View Post

I only want one buyer.

ShoeLady, don't you realize all species of seal (and other marine mammals) are protected under CITES and it is an offence to sell products from protected species unless you have the required CITES permits (which you won't get as the item in question is not an antique).

Ebay has (rightly) pulled your auction previously, They have no choice under international law. Neither can any other auction site allow it. It might go under the radar, nevertheless it it an illegal item, and you trying to sell it (after you have been made aware of it's illegality) open yourself up to possible prosecution. (Particular if you are trying to ship the item over national borders.)
You recently listed the following auction-style listing:

180956771914 - Exotic Wrinkled Skin Vintage DACK Black Oxfords 9.5 F med width Made in Canada

Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because of the following:

You have listed an item made from a marine mammal. We do not permit listings for any item made from a marine mammal. The import/export of marine mammal products is heavily regulated by international treaty; as such we have decided not to permit listings for such items.

I understand that you may have not been aware of this policy, and meant no ill intentions. At times, there is a learning curve when selling on eBay, and we appreciate your contributions to our community. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and we wish you the best with your future transactions.

We kindly ask that you do not relist this item on eBay.

Because of state and federal regulations on the sale of live animals, plants, and wildlife products, we have some restrictions on the kinds of items you can sell on eBay.

We don't allow listings for marine animal products (such as those made from sea otters, whales, porpoise, dolphins, and seals) unless they've been transformed into an authentic Alaskan Native handicraft or clothing, and you have all the necessary state, federal, and international permits to sell the items.

Here's more information on our policy:
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^ Amen to that and well done bengal-stripe.
Let us now move on to other Dack's / Dack discussion.
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Dacks has finally posted a useful size chart which also includes widths: Of course, the width info is British (with Cheaney it is not correct to size down 1/2 size from US to UK, but instead size down a full size) and in my opinion the F width is not really EE but actually more like Alden and Allen Edmonds E unless they've changed everything. But in any case, I'm glad to see they have wide shoes available now. I am going to place an order soon and then I will know how the sizing works for certain.
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On the weekend I ordered a pair of Turner II brogues and they arrived today. They are flawless. These were made by Cheaney on the 2003 last (clearly marked inside) with the new lower heel which Cheaney does standard (the vintage 1" flat heels were hard on the feet). Fit is the same as the Cheaney models before the bankruptcy and store closures. The F width is definitely the standard Cheaney width, which is about an E for Alden and Allen Edmonds wearers, although finish is obviously much better than either of those two companies.

I will be ordering more. This is the best deal around for Canadians.
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I can't speak definitively about Alden or Allen Edmonds fittings but a Cheaney F width is an old Dack F or EE width . In other words quite wide and nowhere near a Medium or D width.They are using Cheaney Lasts and not Dack Lasts for a reason -- they are looking for a full fit , somewhat based on the demands of the average British customer. Daxman.

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I bought the Turner II and asked the company about the relative fit of a few other models and this was their response: "The Kingston is a more contemporary style and is slightly longer and wider than our other styles (as are the Cornwall and Ronny). Some customers (myself included) find that a ½ size smaller fits them better in the Kingston. The Perry and Caine, however have a similar fit as the Turner."

Of course similar fit does not mean same last, but I'm glad they were willing to comment.
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I didn't read what u posted coz it would take too long, but I have one question to you and I hope I can get fast reply.

I have one pair of dack's golf shoes to sell, they are new and no one used them before. So my question is for how much i can sell them?

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This thread was awesome.
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Post the numbers from inside the shoe and I can identify the style and perhaps the age , as well . These will make it possible to begin to set a price for them. Daxman.

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The number is 29. I also have a photo of shoes.

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From what I can see this is a very unusual style for a Dack. The numbers I referred to are for style, size , last , and lot # / date. This should be 2 lines of numbers and easily readable if you can get a pic of the inside as well. If all there is, is "29", then it cannot be an actual Dack shoe. Maybe someone glued in a Dack sockliner. Again that style is not typical for their golf shoes. Daxman.

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Well-----this a golf shoe made of Corfam-- a synthetic , not leather. The idea was that it would deal with dampness much better than the traditional leather shoe. I .haven't seen one in decades.Dack's tried these in the 70's and gave up on them because they would break open at the inseam --in the welt area --and could not be satisfactorally restitched . This spelled the end of that program . Beautiful style in beautiful colour combinations , but a shoe that would not stand up to normal usage.We sold all of the last ones at drastic discounts and designated " final sale ". This one pictured must be something new - can't be 35- 40 yrs old , can it ?? If a new styling they must have all the bugs out by now. Original price would've been $400.--500.--so you can make your price based on that. Daxman.

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Does anyone else think that the demise of Dack's might have been partly if not wholly due to their making shoes of seals and white rhinos?
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