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Not to muddy the waters, but I have a pair of Turner II brogues made by Cheaney but bought in a Dack's store about 6 or 7 years ago. The right shoe is marked 10.5D, the left 10.5F. Both fit the same, so someone in the factory was a bit careless stamping the numbers on the liners. But wait, it gets weirder. About two years ago I removed the sock liners and spongy padding to replace them and I noticed the insoles, which are a tough, thick piece of leather (one reason to buy Cheaney), were stamped 10.5EE.

posted a photo here
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More Dack's exotics for the thread:



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Originally Posted by tonylamer View Post

More Dack's exotics for the thread:


I like the pair on the left. Good fun with some faded denim! Well done.
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Hello all,


I am primarily a jewelry designer, but my quest for vintage and unusual materials frequently takes me to thrift shops and other places that sell second-hand items.  Sometimes I find great shoes and I usually sell them on eBay.  My most recent excursion netted me what I thought was a really wonderful pair of vintage men's shark skin oxfords, but upon more careful examination I noticed that the words "Baffin Seal" were stamped on the insoles.  I listed them for sale on eBay a couple of nights ago but woke up to an unhappy surprise the next morning; eBay had ended the auction, with this explanation:


"You recently listed the following auction-style listing:

180956771914 - Exotic Wrinkled Skin Vintage DACK Black Oxfords 9.5 F med width Made in Canada

Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because of the following:

You have listed an item made from a marine mammal. We do not permit listings for any item made from a marine mammal. The import/export of marine mammal products is heavily regulated by international treaty; as such we have decided not to permit listings for such items.

I understand that you may have not been aware of this policy, and meant no ill intentions. At times, there is a learning curve when selling on eBay, and we appreciate your contributions to our community. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and we wish you the best with your future transactions.

We kindly ask that you do not relist this item on eBay.

Because of state and federal regulations on the sale of live animals, plants, and wildlife products, we have some restrictions on the kinds of items you can sell on eBay.

We don't allow listings for marine animal products (such as those made from sea otters, whales, porpoise, dolphins, and seals) unless they've been transformed into an authentic Alaskan Native handicraft or clothing, and you have all the necessary state, federal, and international permits to sell the items.

Here's more information on our policy: "


I have a few questions about the shoes and am attaching photos of them in hopes that someone might be able to give me a little more information about them. 

*1.  How old are they?

*2.  These were made in Canada.  Does the F indicate a standard (medium) width or extra wide?  I've read the entire thread but there seems to be some argument about that F.

*3.  What is their approximate value?  They are in really nice shape, and don't appear to have been worn more than a couple of times.

*4.  I know that this is not a venue in which things are generally sold.  Would you be so kind as to recommend a place where I could offer them for sale? 


Many thanks in advance for your help--it's really very much appreciated.


Warm regards,



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Whoops, here are the photos.

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^ I knew a real estate broker who had two pairs of those buffalo hide shoes which he wore all the time: one pair in black the other tan.
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Hi there,


I'm sure the buffalo ones are impressive.  These are stamped Baffin Seal.  I posted a rather lengthy message regarding them, but the moderator hasn't released it.....

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Originally Posted by ShoeLady View Post

Hi there,

I'm sure the buffalo ones are impressive.  These are stamped Baffin Seal. 
Ooops, read that wrong. The broker I mentioned had exactly the same shoes as in your photos. Not to my taste, but definitely unique!
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Can anyone tell me approximately how old the Baffin Seal oxfords are, whether the "F" width is average or super wide, and the approximate value?  Also, if anyone could recommend a website that would allow me to sell them I would appreciate it very much.  I listed them on eBay a couple of nights ago but eBay cancelled the auction because they have rules about selling items made from the hides of marine animals. 

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ShoeLady, welcome to Styleforum.
I would wager 1970's.They are ultimately worth only what someone will offer. They are rather ugly, old and probably smell. There could also be mold or must issues. The leather could be brittle or dry rotted or at the least the leather no longer retains its original elasticity properties. Chances are, the original owner purchased them ages ago and stored them in his closet to never wear them again. There they sat until his demise and his heirs rightly donated them as they deemed them of no value. Only someone who is sentimental or starting a shoe museum will want these.
They appear as regular width and are probably worth $20 tops. Your buyer will only want them for the novelty of it. Don't look to get rich on this pair.
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Man of Lint.......they possess none of the negative qualities that you imagine (stinky, brittle, etc), and of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Thanks for your two be sure, I feel very welcomed to the forum! :-P 

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Additionally, as shown in photo #2, the printing on the insoles celebrates Dack's 150 years in business, from 1834-1984, so I have to assume that they were made in 1984 or thereafter.  I just don't know how long they used that label....probably not much longer after 1984, I would imagine, as surely they wouldn't want their recently made shoes to be considered "dated."


If anyone can approximate how much a pair of shoes like the ones here--in very good to excellent condition--would be worth, I would be most grateful.

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I am pleased to read they are in good condition but again, you are appealing to a very small audience that would buy them. Check the soles near the heel. See if there are any imprinted markings that say 'Factory Rejects'. Hopefully, they won't bear this marking. Also, you can contact Matthew Dack who is a member here. What once was Dack's is now under the new monacre of Dack. If anyone can answer your question about the 1834-1984 marking, it will be Matthew.
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I've seen a few pairs of these on ebay over the past 10 years, not sure if the material was listed, they also made a couple different styles with this material.
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Man of Lint:  I am sure you're right about the exotic skins not appealing to a majority of shoe buyers.  I am sure there is a market for these, though, if I can find a venue that will allow me to market them.  They are not stamped "factory reject" or anything else to that effect.  I noticed that the new Dack owner had posted on this thread previously and was hoping he'd take notice and post, but I am new here and am not sure whether everyone who's posted gets notified when there are new entries or if only those whose posts that are directly replied to are sent notices thru email.


Rampart:  On eBay I saw at least one pair of shoes advertised as "exotic skin" without the specific kind being mentioned, and I imagine the seller had encountered the same problem that I did and was circumventing the hurdle.....either that, or he/she couldn't find an identifying mark and wasn't exactly certain of the type.  :-) 

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