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Originally Posted by FaceOfBoh View Post

I don't want to hijack the Dacks thread but...
Has anyone heard of the Tyrol Shoe Co. of Montreal? They seem to have gone out of business in '86 and I found a photo online (at the Bata Shoe Museum) of a ski boot they made in 1945.
I found a really nice pair of vintage balmoral boots. They are very well made and one treatment of Lexol Conditioner kicked some life into them. Photos (Click to show)

Use Pecards instead of Lexol.
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Originally Posted by meister View Post

Use Pecards instead of Lexol.

Why do you recommend this in particular? Or is it just a Coke vs Pepsi preference?
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My picture shows what are probably my all-time favorite pair of Hartt's:  For fit, style, and color.  They are Style #0900 and built on #48 Last.  I bought them a good 20 years ago, maybe more, at the Sales Office attached to the Hartt factory in Fredericton.  The heel sock shows:  Directors Quality - Hartt - Since 1898 - Canada's Quality Shoemakers - Hand-Waxed Finish.  Because of this type of finish, the spit and polish routine is unnecessary.  I just use shoe cream on them.  Note how the absence of pinking lends an elegant air to what are essentially full wingtip brogues.  As we've said many times before, it's a sad state of affairs that we have to scurry around looking in every nook and cranny for survivors of such beautiful footwear.


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Originally Posted by Martin B View Post

My picture shows what are probably my all-time favorite pair of Hartt's: 

Hopefully the image loads now. I hope you are using shoe trees for this pair. This finish never photographs right. I agree they are nice shoes and look better in real life. Welcome to Stylefoum Martin.
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SF delivers again. I'm sure there's not a single style question that couldn't be answered with our hive mind. I've seen plenty of pairs from Dack's on eBay, ranging from decent to very smart with regards to last and finishing.
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Thought you guys might like this:

Size 8 D tried on maybe once.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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DSC_0013.jpg 289k .jpg file


What about the Caine suede? Nice and chic, isn't it.

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I just picked up a pair of "new" Dacks anniversary shoes...and wonder if you can help me decifer the numbering (and sizing)

685 2331 6

7805 62 82


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These are Brown Kudu Antelope, with the one piece upper . The size is 8 1/2 F or double E .

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Hi Daxman

Thanks for the information!

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I recently saw a pair of Dacks that looked to be circa mid or early 1980s with the following on the insole "Imported Zebu Grain" -- I forgot to take a picture, the leather was chestnut and pebble-like.

Does anyone have any information about these shoes??
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This was one of the classic Dacks. It was a double soled brogue with a U wing. Very unique. A shoe like this sometimes lasted the customer for decades, if they were properly rebuilt by us when needed. Interesting note : the original leather was known as " scotch grain " and came from the Albion leatherworks factory , in Scotland. Daxman.

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Hi  - I was very pleased to see that Dack's is still around via post. I am going to order but I am a bit confused about the size and wonder if anyone has some advice please..


Normally I wear a 10.5 or sometimes need an 11 if too tight


My black dufferins are getting cracks after about 3 re-sole/rebuilds.


Inside they say 2003/D 11 1/2  T18977. They also say made in England 06/08 30913. I think they fit like a 10.5 because they were narrow...


My tan Seneca's are a 10 1/2 F and feel slightly larger than the black ones...also say made in England. They fit well.


Both pairs were bought here in Canada at Dack's stores but I am just wondering if the shoes were stamped with North American sized or British sized.

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Your pair with     # s starting 2003 were 111/2 D ( medium width) and the others were 101/2 F ( extra wide or EE ). This second pair would be slightly wider by about 1/16 inch --if all other properties are equal. Different leather or last or length of wear --are all variables. In general, softer leather feels roomier and more comfortable per size .May I suggest , be wary of shorter , wider sizes. Try 11E if it is available. Daxman.

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Gentlemen, over the years, I purchased 5 pairs and still wear them. My last one is Seneca 10 D but find it a bit tight. Still not worn, brand new, in their pouches and original box. Still have the bill from Square One location. Can I exchange them? BTW my other pairs are10.5, 11 D. and 45. Thank you.

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