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Hi guys,

I am travelling to HK soon and wanted to stop by AMHC again for a suit or jacket. I was wondering if anyone knows a bit the no-name house-cloths. I wanted to know the manufacturers behind it. They usually told me that it was all British cloth, but I wonder which house they actually use. They usually push these quite strongly before opening any discussion on branded cloth (Scabal, Zegna, Dormeuil). I chose a no-name with my first suit there and the quality is quite ok. Still, I am curious regarding what I can expect there.

Another question I have: I am quite happy with their shirts. They are actually really good years after I bought them. However, I found this really good shirt tailor called David's shirts in the same arcade within the Mandarin Oriental. Does anybody have a comparison experience with the two of them? I made one shirt only with David's, but the quality is quite good so far. I am thinking of switching, because he seemed to have a much bigger selection of shirt cloth.

Any insights or experiences?