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Can anyone provide some insight into the topic of where the fashion of ties is headed? What will be the "tie look" this year? I personally favour the clean stripes or solids, but the stores seem to be carrying a large selection of patterns and design filled ties. Thanks in advance.
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I honestly have no idea, although I see many designers playing around with thin ties. As a rule, wear thin ties with thin jacket lapels.
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Hey Classic, from what I've heard and seen, it appears that green, pink and orange are the hues of choice this year. Geometric patterns are also supposed to be quite popular. I'm with you on striped ties and they still appear to be prominent this year. I tend to wear striped ties whether they're trendy or not. They never go out of style.
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Not that this post is punctual but I see ties reverting back to a "skinny" style that was popular in sean connery's day. imo this will be a fad over the next 1-3 years.


I am, right now, making a pledge to never buy a tie from charleston ties. Go pay for advertising and leave us alone.
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