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Can anyone comment on D.S. Dundee clothing?

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The cuts look nice - generally, "modern" slim but definitely not skinny, pants are tapered without being tight, high-ish gorge and what looks like high arm holes on the jackets -, and the colors look good but:

- I've never seen them in person

- there appears to be little to no discussion on here

so I know NOTHING about the quality and value. Given MSRPs seem to start at $400-500 for a jacket, I'm assuming it can't be amazing (and is made in China) but I was hoping for some insight from anyone with real IRL experience with the brand.



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As far as I know DS Dundee is made in Portugal and central Europe rather than China (though of course this may no longer be the case). I tried some jackets and knitwear a few years ago. Nice stuff in the heritage / tweed vein.
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They're a blogger-approved brand. This Fits has highlighted them a few times.

Whichever of you bastards just sniped the sz 38 navy blazer out from under me on cladmen— don't sleep.
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D.S Dundee had excellent choice of causal wear

Just don't pick their blazer coz they would not be fully canvassed
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Aaannnd, I snoozed on this stuff while out and now everything on Cladmen is gone in my size. biggrin.gif Saved me some money? Though it was for work....

Anyone know if half-canvassed, if not full?
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I recently purchased an item; still Made in Portugal. Pleased with decision. Good fit on the shirt jacket. I now have four pieces from them: fair isle sweater vest, trousers, tweed outerwear, and aforementioned shirt jacket. All good. I guess you could describe their stuff as heritage wear with a modern twist.
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I know most if not all of their boots & shoes are made in England by Cheaney. Quality is on par with Herring Premier range.
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I see they have a sale on Gilt tomorrow... might be worth checking out.
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I picked up a coat from their Clad blowout sale. The fabric and finish were very nice, and the retail $800 coat looks like it could easily cost 2x as much. The only thing is that their coat fit larger than tagged, so consider sizing down.
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