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Accounting options (mid-level firms)

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There has been some talk on here about accounting internships about specifically about the Big 4. I've read the threads and after taking a look at my situation, My overall GPA will be a little lower than the requirements for the big 4 and am now looking into getting an internship at one of the mid level firms, just wondering if anyone had any experience in those interview processes as well as the requirements for being considered. Thanks a lot in advance.
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Assuming your GPA is over won't matter. I know someone who had a 3.1 GPA and she all be starting with PwC next fall. Just network with the recruiters and if they like you it won't matter.
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Big 4 employee here. The above poster is right that you don't need to have a stellar GPA to get hired by the Big 4, the key is to network effectively. I didn't have a great GPA but I made some connections and got hired.

One important misconception that you should be able to exploit to your advantage is that most students think the partner is the be all end all in terms of getting hired, but they really aren't. Talk to anyone you can, even the associates have a say when they debrief after recruiting events. What I found particularly valuable was talking to individuals 1 on 1, which allowed me to build a better connection then if I were standing in a circle with 8 other students. PM me if you have any additional questions and take a look at the following website, it has a lot of good info:
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The partner makes the final call but if associates, senior associates, or managers red flag you then it's pretty much over. So don't say or do anything stupid in front of the staff and managers and think you can get away with it.
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I've reviewed resumes for a big4 firm. I was just a senior associate, but I was the first one to give the yay/nay on interviews. In terms of GPA our rule-of-thumb minimum we were given was 3.0. Beyond that it was all about writing skills, networking, activities outside of school, etc.

If you can network and differentiate yourself from the other 300 people that are applying, you'll get the interview. We were specifically told to watch our for the kids with 4.0 GPA's who had zero personality - no one is interested in them.
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Thanks for the reply everyone. It's comforting to know that a 4.0 isn't a direct ticket to the internship but I do have some concerns with my particular situation. I'm using some credits from another degree and they're not quite 3.0 material but there are quite a lot of them which I hope with the remaining credits I can boost my GPA to a 3.0 but it is definitely up hill. Also my university only offers visits and socials with the big four if you join the accounting fraternity which also requires a 3.0 to join.
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Also my university only offers visits and socials with the big four if you join the accounting fraternity which also requires a 3.0 to join.

Really? That's surprisingly dick-ish of your school. Around these parts the firms host their own meet the firm nights and let anyone and everyone come.Of course that usually means getting 350 resumes for 25 jobs, but it seems unfair to tell someone they can't even have a drink and say hello.
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I don't know how soon you are trying to land this internship, but front my experience, the Big 4 like to see prior internships that are very similar to the position you're interviewing for (in addition to good grades, extracurriculars, etc.).

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