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Hey guys, anyone have any ideas on what sunglasses are supposed to look like this spring/summer? I'm going to Hawaii for spring break and want to make sure I look sharp with some new tints. Let me know, so I don't look foolish out there on the beach...
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Actually I haven't seen much of what is coming out for 2003 so maybe I am not the most informed to help you, but whatever. I don't know if this is what is "in style" as the major trend this S/S, but I'm really into, and on the look out for the right pair of, the more squared off sunglasses like what Prada has been doing. Frameless with a frame (sounds like an oxymoron) were big last year and will probably still be, but I think the totally frameless trend is at an end. Gucci make a nice pair like this. Also the big names for jewlery are becoming popular in sunglasses like Bulgari, Chanel, and Cartier. Go out to a Sunglass Hut, or whatever you have near you, and try on some styles. I say go with whatever you like, and compliments your face, but then again everyone says this. Later.
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