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I got this pair of VJC jeans, and they are really, really soft- almost like velvet. Someone told me that VJC isn't really versace. Does anyone know anything about this? And has anyone else got or seen these weirdly soft jeans?
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each big brand has several different labels so that they can sell clothes to people other than the super rich. Their top brand is usually very expensive so they have diffusion lines. In the case of armani it's :giorgio armani (very expensive), armani collezioni(still quite expensive), emporio armani(becoming affordable for someone with a decent job), armani exchange (AX-nothing special, they make t-shirts, jeans etc). I'm not sure what the lines are for versace but i'm guessing it's something like Versace, Versace Classic, VJC. Often the manufacturing of the less expensive lines is outsourced to other companies and they just stick the name on them. Oh and usually you can only get the very top line in armani/versace/whatever boutiques, the other lines are sold in many more places.
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Where'd you find these? How much were they? I'm in a quest for new jeans and it sounds like you've got ed zachery what I'm looking for.
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Armani: don't forget 'Mani' which is so bad he won't even put his whole name on it.
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