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the pants really ruin it
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Agreed that the trousers seem close to 2 inches too long. If you like that much break so be it, but it does take away from the elegance a bit. I was just thinking that the wrinkling in the back of your arms is likely partly to do with the fabric which you confirmed. I would try and use Fresco next time if you'd like something lightweight that doesn't wrinkle much.
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On a second look, the coat seems long in the last pic.
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I like a full break, but this seems even a bit much for me. Other than that, a few points to consider going forward:

- add some waist suppression;
- lowering buttoning point;
- clean up the back, both center and sides.

Good basis to work from though for your second commission with him.
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Thanks everyone for the advise! Really appreciate all the inputs!
I will bring these points forward to Peter the next time I see him in May or June.

Now that I'm back in Aussieland, I'm on a hunt for an ultimate white cotton shirt....recommendations anyone? Looking for a white Sea Island Cotton with an ivory sheen....not sure which tailor carries them in Sydney. I know Gordan Yao from HK is on a tour to Sydney & Melbourne in Feb.
Has anyone commissioned a shirt with them?

Advise appreciated!

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Is it comfortable? The pants look a bit long though.

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It's very comfy! Peter made sure of that. Fabric wise, it's light & I've asked for Bemberg lining to ensure that the jacket is breathable & durable...
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Can I ask how much the suit cost?
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CMT is between HKD 4,000 to 5,000 range (+/-)
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I swear, I must have seen you there. I got a sportcoat made there at around the same time. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Hmm....I didn't remember seeing someone trying out a sportcoat. But then again, there were juz so many pple each time I went for fitting. I remember chatting with someone from Canada who commissioned a trenchcoat with Peter.

So how did your sportcoat turn out GBear?
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I liked him. Only came for 2 fittings, the basted and the final. I don't think I really needed much more than that. Though next time, I think I want a little higher armholes.

Final product, bad pictures.

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That look Awesome!! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
What fabric did u use?
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That is one of the nicest coats I have seen. great choice of fabric. What did it end up costing in the end?

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I chose the blue donegal they had. I thought it looked much better than the grey.

Mine was only half canvas so it was 2,800HKD, IIRC.
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