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Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post

Multi alterations for J Crew chinos??
WTF....You SHOULD be banned!

well either being banned or "Off with his head!"
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Ultra-tapered pants aren't for everybody. This including tailors.
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Originally Posted by Despos View Post

6.25 X 2 = 12.5"
7.25 X 2 = 14.5"
14.5" - 12.5" = 2'' smaller

Must have a small foot to fit. I have a client I make suits for. He is TINY and we use a 14" bottom and 15" knee. he has a size 5 1/2 foot.
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Uh, pretty simple solution. Just take your pants to another tailor who will do the work you want. Don't visit the original tailor again if you are that upset. I think your original tailor was right to refute the work you wanted done because they felt it was a bad move. Tailor takes pride in their work and doing something that is against their judgment makes no sense for him. I bet he'd rather lose your business than do something against his inclination (and experience).
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He probably didn't want to put the time in. The trouser wouldn't twist if he used both seams. I come very, very close these days to refusing to make suits with belt loops or centre vents. I did refuse to make a 30s style suit a few months back, I told him to give Paul Winston a call.
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I can relate as an artist, sometimes what a potential client will ask you to create might be something of foul or bad taste, and against your code. Situations like that i would gladly pass on, the client does eventually get what they want, but not necessarily from the same artist / tailor. Someone else will more likely pick up that project.

As far as tailors go, my local tailor is this very nice Russian lady, and she does great work. I will say that the first time i asked for a flat front (at most half a break), she was against the idea, we spoke of the subject briefly as i simply explained it was simply my taste. She gladly did the work and we were both happy with the transaction.
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