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Funny, I had the exact same experience once. I asked the tailor to slim the legs on a pair of pants, but he said it would look funny. The problem was that at the moment they looked like McHammer pants already, I dont see how they could possibly be any funnier. But I agreed wit the guy, walked out and never returned.

Went to another tailor and he not only agreed they MUST be fixed, but did an amazing job, too. He has been my go-to guy since. It turned out that it`s not only a time consuming procedure, but it requires a lot of skill, too.
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Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post

Multi alterations for J Crew chinos??
WTF....You SHOULD be banned!

well either being banned or "Off with his head!"
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Ultra-tapered pants aren't for everybody. This including tailors.
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Originally Posted by Despos View Post

6.25 X 2 = 12.5"
7.25 X 2 = 14.5"
14.5" - 12.5" = 2'' smaller

Must have a small foot to fit. I have a client I make suits for. He is TINY and we use a 14" bottom and 15" knee. he has a size 5 1/2 foot.
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Uh, pretty simple solution. Just take your pants to another tailor who will do the work you want. Don't visit the original tailor again if you are that upset. I think your original tailor was right to refute the work you wanted done because they felt it was a bad move. Tailor takes pride in their work and doing something that is against their judgment makes no sense for him. I bet he'd rather lose your business than do something against his inclination (and experience).
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He probably didn't want to put the time in. The trouser wouldn't twist if he used both seams. I come very, very close these days to refusing to make suits with belt loops or centre vents. I did refuse to make a 30s style suit a few months back, I told him to give Paul Winston a call.
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I can relate as an artist, sometimes what a potential client will ask you to create might be something of foul or bad taste, and against your code. Situations like that i would gladly pass on, the client does eventually get what they want, but not necessarily from the same artist / tailor. Someone else will more likely pick up that project.

As far as tailors go, my local tailor is this very nice Russian lady, and she does great work. I will say that the first time i asked for a flat front (at most half a break), she was against the idea, we spoke of the subject briefly as i simply explained it was simply my taste. She gladly did the work and we were both happy with the transaction.
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