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Bilbo is instrumental in saving them from the spiders in the book. In the movie, it's just a silly monster fight in which Bilbo does little more than anyone else.

I do remember that now. In the book, Bilbo had an edge about him (no pun intended) when he took on the spiders. Jackson captured a bit of it when Bilbo killed the trapdoor spider, but only in a passing head shot.
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I personally think the whole thing is going to get extended and 'rebooted' yet again when they start making movies out of the very rich vein of the Silmarillion.  Tons of material, very episodic, consisting of many stories covering the creation of the universe, the earth, the species, peoples, continents, and the vast back history of Middle Earth.  More Wanger Ring type stuff.  Epic loves, which are missing from the other books, as well as battles, and more multi-generational empires, hatreds, etc., monsters.  We even have some characters who run through it, most notably Gandalf as Mithrandir (and various other names), who, fyi, by the time of the Hobbit is about 7,000 years old.  I'm thinking we'll see the first news of rights and people specing out scripts within five years.

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Gandalf was not around for the First Age. He was sent, with the other four wizards, to Middle Earth early in the Third Age.
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Ooops, right.  I stand corrected.  Nonetheless, his age has been calculated around 6.5-7,000 years

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