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Saw this last night. First a bit of background.
1. I'm not a Tolkien geek, just a movie fan. It's been so long (35 years?) since I read the book that I couldn't tell you what was story and what was filler.
2. I loved Jackson's LOTR series.
3. Saw it with my 20 year old son who kinda is a Tolkein geek and does know the book very well.

I don't necessarily think it was a bad movie, but I was ready to leave 45 minutes before the end. My son made the point that the beginning section of the book is the slowest moving part, so in a way this is like judging a play after Act I (which is always the slowest moving).

Bottom line is that this movie is WAY too long for the content. There were several scenes that I thought could have been cut or shortened to tighten up the movie for those of us who aren't Comic-Con geeks.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

Have you guys been seeing it in 48? If so, what did you think?
I did. On its own, I think I would like HFR a lot. It is just a better visual experience and an improvement over the pre-existing technology. The only real knock against it is it takes some adjustment because you are used to seeing lower quality motion on the screen. But I remember needing the same adjustment when I first saw sports in HD. If there is any downside, HFR seems to make the staging effect of 3D more pronounced. Because of the greater clarity and smoother motion, the 3D layers are maybe a little more obvious - things are divided into more visible bands, like on a theater stage set. As 3D tehnology gets pulled forward along with HFR, it will be a good combination.
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I saw it on Saturday and enjoyed it. I thought it was a good first installment for the trilogy and can't wait to see the next one. I saw it on 2D. I had been tempted to see it on 3D because I wanted to see the Star Trek prologue, but it turned out that they weren't showing the prologue at the theater I went to, so it ended up working out.
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can I take a 7 y/o girl or is it too violent/scary?
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Few parts may be questionable in terms of violence.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

can I take a 7 y/o girl or is it too violent/scary?
There were lots of kids in the theater when I went. Plan for bathroom breaks (film is just shy of 3 hours) - there were a surprising number of walkabouts during the showing who didn't plan or for whom planning wasn't enogh, along with kids who fell asleep. I took my ten year old. She is definitely a scaredy-cat and there were times she looked away from the screen. On the other hand, she loves watching Buffy and does the same thing (or watches in a cabinet reflection) during some scary parts. You need to decide whether a few scary scenes will ruin the whole experience (and day) for her or whether she will like that kind of movie. Most of the movie is not scary.
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post

can I take a 7 y/o girl or is it too violent/scary?

I'm not entirely sure a 7 year old would enjoy it. There are a decent amount of slow parts with people just talking/referring to things that connect to the larger mythology/LOTR, that someone that young just wouldn't connect (and it's a long movie for someone that young). I'd say it's at least on with the Lord of the Rings movies in terms of violence.

The humor is definitely geared towards a young audience though and there are some cute scenes I would imagine a 7 year old girl enjoying.

Concerning the violence: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
actually there is one battle scene where an orc holds up someone head and an orc gets his arm cut off. They aren't particularly graphic as that kind of thing goes, but it might be a bit much for a 7 year old. I think everything else is pretty tame
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She enjoyed all the harry potter movies, includined DHpt1, which was quite slow at times.
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Watched The Hobbit on Friday (quick review: awesome in 3D HFR...there were a couple "video game cut scene" shots, but for the most part, it was fine...some really jaw dropping scenes though). I watched The Fellowship of the Rings last night and noticed the stone trolls in the scene immediately after Frodo gets stabbed by the morgul blade.

Amazing attention to detail by Jackson. I'm no Tolkien head, but I imagine you guys getting pumped over little easter eggs like that.
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I might try and catch the HFR 3D tonight.

I only watched a few minutes of it before. Would like to see the whole thing to experience the difference
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Saw the 2D version. Thought it was well done and well paced but it definitely lacked the organic feel of the first 3 films. It looked video-gamey, hyper-realistic, and very CGI in an original clash of the titans way. I plan to see the 3D but I'm disappointed the realism and grit of the other films seems to have been lost.
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Guy next to me kept snorting and laughing like this:

for every single little joke throughout the movie. ffffuuuu.gif
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I saw it and enjoyed it.

I think the 3D added to some scenes. Mostly the ones with nice scenery like Rivendale, goblin cave, and the grasslands where Ragaghast distracted the Orcs.

The HFR is a mixed bag. It makes the 3D seem a lot more clean in action scenes, but for everything else it gives it a quality that makes it look like a Soap Opera or something you would see on the Nat Geo channel. It takes away from the fantasy wonderment. Noticing more details is not always a good thing either. It makes the special effects less real, and even small stuff like the fake hair on some of the characters stand out as fake. I've read some reviews that said the LotR Orcs looked better. I can't decide if they had better Orc, or if the HFR just made them look more fake. The Elves looked great. I loved how the Elf King looked in the opening.

This makes me worried for how Smaug will look. In the little glimpse we had, he looked too animated. This would be very easy to avoid with a dragon. If he was covered in scales and had a chitinous appearance, that's easy to look convincing with CGI, but they made him a bright red and leathery.

The Dwarfs were too cartoonish. Gimli in the LotR never looked cartoonish. I'm sure they could have found a way to make them all look less silly. Even the more normal looking ones like Bofur and Kili still looked silly because of the dumb costumes, like the hat with wings.
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Did not like this.


Hated the HFR which made the movie look like a BBC production with a decent art dept budget. I found it one of the most visually distracting movies I ever experienced. It annoyed me so much that I had trouble following the story. Which is probably good as it was disjointed and poorly plotted. It was almost as if there were two movies - one that tried to stick to the spirit of the book as a kid's book, and the other that felt it necessary to pad the movie with great swaths of exposition from the silmarillion.


EFX were mostly terrible, especially the goblins. Whoever had the idea of patterning the goblin king after the gungan king should be fired. Radagast was fucking idiotic. Rivendell looked like a matte painting of the Emerald City. Again with the bloody eagles?


This didn't even seem like a Peter Jackson movie.


Here's where it gets interesting. I walked into a 2D screening right after and stayed for the goblin scene. All of a sudden the movie came to life. The characters seemed more realistic and the action better, though still a little awkward and forced. Now I'm going to have to go back and see the 2D just to watch the movie.


There were 10 times as many people in the 2D as opposed to the 3D. I hope that bodes well for dropping this shit.



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I hate 3D and IMAX. Makes me dizzy and also more expensive.

I asked the ticket girl what HFR was and she had no clue, babbling on and I did not bother.

Good ol' 2D for me.
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