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-Jack/Knife Outfitters Bespoke Denim

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Bay Area denim fans- tonight, Wednesday December 21st at 8PM, Otis Lounge on Maiden Lane in San Francisco.

John and Nick, the guys behind Jack Knife Outfitters (John works at Union Made and Nick at the Levis Tailor shop) will be showing examples of their bespoke denim on the second floor from 8-11pm. They will also have some accessories for sale including knit caps, tote bags, bandanas and other items.

The prices for bespoke denim start at $200 for Cones Mills. Come on by and see their work. I think you will be impressed. I'm getting a pair for myself after the Holidays.

I will post pics of their denim after the event for those who will miss it.

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I went to visit them a few weeks ago over in their space in SOMA. Here are a few pics:

Cotton twill wrap inseam.


Selvedge belt loops.


Optional western style jean pocket. (you can get any style pocket you want since it is bespoke) Note hand hammered rivits.


Japanese hemp selvedge Chambray Pocket Bags (an option)


Nick of Jack/Knife Outfitters with just a few of their denim and canvas selections:


John of Jack/Knife Outfitters discussing denim with Nick:

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Wait wait wait, did I read that right? Bespoke jeans? This almost sounds like a cool Edward Green type trunk show, for denim connoisseurs.

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wow.. starting at $200 for "bespoke" denim. not a bad offer.
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Originally Posted by acidboy View Post

wow.. starting at $200 for "bespoke" denim. not a bad offer.

$200 gets you a full bespoke item which includes your own personal pattern and details like selecting pocket style, cinch, pocket lining, straight, boot-cut, etc. They also have Japanese denim which starts at about $250 and can go up to $400.
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I'll be there to get my Denim for MC 101.
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I'm getting me some specifically so I can post in SW&D without reservations.
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Hoping to come. If I can't, would someone pls. ask them if Cone makes any denim out of hemp? Or even a blend? I'd love a lightweight pair for travel and a heavyweight pair for motorcycling.
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Sorry I can't make it. Would like to check out their stuff and see you guys sometime soon.
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Some of us are going to meet for a burger and a beer (or two) before the event at Otis. Come on by the Irish Bank at 6:30 if you want to join us.
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This may be a philistine question, but, is it all unwashed stiff denim? 


I'd be concerned about paying $200 for something which may or may not fit perfectly after it shrinks, so I prefer buying pre-washed. 



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Yes it is unwashed but it is sanforized. No need to worry about shrinkage.
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Still trying to make it. Will be a last minute thing if I can. The new operation looks pretty cool.
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Nice to see everybody. Wish they had Yamazaki 18, but the 12 was still a pleasure.

High quality fabric, the guys obviously love and know a lot about denim. Hate to say it, but I was more impressed with their shirt jackets, and at $200 for bespoke, not a bad deal at all. Not bashing on their jeans, but I just was diggin on the style and simplicity. Plus I'm a sucker for pockets. Got an appointment for next year.
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Here are some photos from the event last night.





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