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Felt compelled to bump this thread after some fresh sock purchases this week.

I have had about 25 pairs of Duchamp in the last 2 years... in fact i've worn through maybe 6-8 pairs of them already but I do wear them day in day out so i'm not disappointed. I think we've established that Happy Socks are entry level for funky socks for under $10.

A buddy of mine took me to a store in Ottawa the other day where this guy runs a retail store selling only his brand of socks:

He was running some crazy promotion that prompted us to buy 12 pairs right away.

I've been wearing them for a few days and I have to say that i really like them. The quality I would say is almost as good as Duchamp / Paul Smith / Thomas Pink (only time will tell) socks but they are half the price or less. I believe he said they were made in Turkey or Portugal which to me beats made in China any day.

They also have a beefed up band at the top that holds them up very very well. Some of their patterns are more mild argyles, dots or stripes but they also have some super funky coloured ones that I would say are just as fun to wear as some of the best from Duchamp.

my favs that i scooped are:

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Originally Posted by Rudy Lion View Post

Try Etiquette Clothiers.

For a few extra $ you'll have high quality made in Italy socks.

It seems that style and quality are the obsession of those guys.

Bought 5 pairs at Brooklyn Circus, last November and they didn't move.

For $20 it's a deal !

I would avoid Etiquette socks. I ordered several pairs and the finish wasn't the best, lot's of long threads inside of sock effecting comfort. I wear a size 45 (11.5)  shoe and there ML size sock was big for me. 


The worst part was customer service and the quality with there (textured) Preppy Stripe sock ($28). After just one day of wearing them they simply blew out, they stretched out beyond what any good sock should. The got so big they were folding on themselves inside the shoe, becoming bad hotspots for my foot. They were virtually unwearable so I washed & dried them in hot settings as a last resort, they shrunk down but blew out again with same problem. Pics of when new and after wearing them twice. I had no choice but throw them in the trash. You would be better off buying Old Navy $5 socks.


After several emails to customers service they dragged there feet but finally saying sorry but they don't replace socks or give refunds but will offer me $28 credit (price of one pair) but I would still have to pay $10 for shipping to replace the sock they admitted was bad; salt to the wounds. 


Pic of inside finishing of the Everest sock:

I went ahead and washed the other etiquette patterned socks in hot drier settings and they shrunk to a descent size for my sz.45 foot but can still feel the threads inside the socks. I never had to do this with my other socks, I normally only air dry my socks.

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On a more positive note, I recommend Gallo socks from Rome. I have several pairs and love them, there just really hard to find.







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