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sock brands similar to happy socks? Richer & Poorer?

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pretty much done with sport socks (except when wearing sneakers...) all I currently have is boring dress socks, want to funk my sock game up a bit, I know Happy Socks seem to be the go to for a lot of ppl on here. Wanted to see fi there were anyother suggestions/options in that similar price range? I saw Richer & Poorer on Gilt a few days ago but had never heard of them... really want whatever brand it is too be very thin, cant stand thick socks!
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Paul Smith socks are pretty good. Duchamp makes cool ones as well.
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there is a sock thread i think its bumped down a few pages now but it had some good socks in there.
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Paul Smith socks are pretty good. Duchamp makes cool ones as well.

another vote for ps and duchamp. they do some funky shit and i have many pairs by both
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There is a great new dress sock brand called Vivarati @

They currently only have a few styles but they look great with suits and business wear. They are at the $18price point but if you buy 3 or more they become $15 each.
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I like Hpapy Socks but I think they are made cheap. Shrink really easily and get holes too. That being said I have a lot of them, though I prefer Paul Smith and Corgi.

Recently got a pair of Marc Jacobs and the fit is really good not to mention they keep their shape well after many washes.
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HI I'm Richard from Happy Socks.

I'm sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with our quality. 


We continuously work really hard to improve the quality and get happy customers. If you have the time: PM me and tell me about your experience with Happy Socks and I'll bring that forward to our production.

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I haven't tried them yet but 2 feet ahead socks look nice.
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i have at least a dozen pairs of Duchamp, wear them day in and day out... they are all holding up very very well.

very disappointed wtih all of my happy socks with the exception of the cashmere ones i picked up from them. All of the cotton ones shrunk and bled their patterns.

duchamp costs more $$$ but is worth it compared to happy socks.

I'm buying a couple dozen more Duchamp socks for myself and sole colleagues this weekend.
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Try Etiquette Clothiers.

For a few extra $ you'll have high quality made in Italy socks.

It seems that style and quality are the obsession of those guys.

Bought 5 pairs at Brooklyn Circus, last November and they didn't move.

For $20 it's a deal !

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Vivarati socks actually stay up on your leg and look great. They're great value since the price is $15 if you buy 3 pairs. I originally bought 3 pairs when the price was higher and they lasted longer than some other socks I own. So, I just picked up another 3 pairs from them.

I have bought a bunch of Pantherella socks recently and was quite unhappy with the quality. For the price I paid I expected much more.
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IMO, I have a ton of Corgi and I think they're way better than Paul Smith. Only have 1 pair of Paul Smith now, in that signature multistripe as I love colored socks.
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I'm disappointed with my Happy Socks as well. They deform, bleed, and pill after a month of having them.

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Just to add to the chorus, my Happy Socks shrunk as well and I don't put them in the dryer.

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corgi, scott nichol, random socks from beams and nepentheses. J crew makes some decent socks as well
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