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I want to get a Sixpack

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So i want to get a sixpack. I have been doing some exercises i found from internet from month now but still no normal sixpack. Im not a fat so it should be easy to gain one. I googled around and found product called "Truth about abs". Have anyone tried it? Its around since 2004 so i hope someone has tried it. 


I also found a coupon for it so i want your advice. Should i buy it or not. 


Please someone help


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And hi to everybody, i just joined :)

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go for it.
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Decided to buy that eBook. It looks good so far. Lets take action now. Very motivating stuff. I think best investment.

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here are your choices OP:

1. fail and gtfo
2. buy this:
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LOL cool product. But i will stick to that i bought. Its really good.

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Wouldn't it be smarter to buy a gym membership and use it, than buying a book?


On that note, I just started a crossfit workout program a few weeks ago and have noticed almost immediate changes in my body. No 6-pack yet, but it's on the way.


Good luck with achieving your goal.

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abs dont come from working out alone. It comes from sub 10% body fat.
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Originally Posted by BlueStien View Post

Running and daily sit-ups should help.

Situps are not an effective way to get a six pack.
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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Situps are not an effective way to get a six pack.

It's true. Simply focusing on abdominal workouts alone will not yield a six pack. The truth is, your abs are already there--they're probably just covered up by a thin sheath of fat. When you work out a muscle, it gets bigger. So, if your abs are covered up, but they're getting bigger, it will essentially make your gut look larger. Who knew?


What you want to do is build upper and lower body strength. The more muscle you have, the faster your basal metabolism (resting metabolism) will be. This last summer I got on this workout routine that had me doing 5 sets of 15 pushups with 4-5 different variations, so you end up getting up to about 300-350 pushups in a given session. Obviously, work into this! And on the alternate day, I would do pull-ups. The workout also calls for 5 sets of 15, which I found that I couldn't do (I'm currently working at sets of 12), so instead I got on a LAT pull machine and worked up my shoulder strength before hitting the pull-up bar.

Here's the link for the "Gorilla Workout":

Additional notes: I find that pull-ups are the single best abs workout, as well as just killer for the full body. I did push-ups on Monday, Pull-ups on Tuesday, rested on Wednesday, and then Push-ups on Thursday and Pull-ups on Friday. Men's Health also has great ideas for whole-body circuit workouts. Those are great because they also keep your heart rate up so that you can get a good cardio/lift session. Also, make sure you flex your abs and butt when doing these push-ups. Engaging your core in this way will keep your form good. And that's very important.


Best of luck in your washboard endeavors!

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Also, I don't think the book is all that necessary. I'd say save that money and put it towards protein mix for post-workout refuels. But hopefully the ebook was cheaper than advertised on the site. Just stay active. You'll find that it gets fun. At least it did for me!

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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post

Situps are not an effective way to get a six pack.

Diet is 90% to getting a six-pack.
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Lose weight to ~10% BF and do heavy close chain lifts involving upper & lower body.

Will get you in the ballpark..
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I believe you should eat more oats. Preferably ones flavored with peanut butter. From what I've heard, this is the trick.
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