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I'm eating at a caloric deficit right now, losing fat and some weight (186 to 182), gaining strength and endurance.
Doing crossfit workouts 6 days a week.... Many pullups, squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, dips, lunges, snatches, cleans, jerks, overhead squats, burpees, erg rows, etc... I'll throw in a regular bodybuilding day every couple of weeks or so to switch it up a bit.
Staying roughly the same "size" (42" chest remains) but the waist has trimmed a LOT (from 34.5 to 32 and dropping). This is perfect for now as I just want to get lean while gaining strength and stamina but still being able to fit in my clothes (had to taken in my jackets and pants at the waist, but at least I'm not buying a new wardrobe).
For the OP, to build leg strength without a ton of mass, you should try doing long rep sets of body weight squats (20-30 reps per set) thrown in after other exercises, relatively low weight snatch and clean olympic lifts, and box jumps. /bro science
I honestly haven't looked into any of the latest sport science and methodology regarding workouts. I just do the crossfit (at my regular gym, I don't buy into that whole xfit lifestyle) and have been MORE than pleased with the results compared to ANY other workout style and regimen I've tried.
*edit* take this as a "you should probably listen to other more well informed poasters"

I've seen the exact same results with crossfit.....lost weight, got lean and gained strength....and like you, I do it at my gym as I don't really care for the whole crossfit lifestyle...not to mention the cost.
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you can probably get better results by not doing crossfit and not getting in everyone's way doing dumb routines
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Idk, if you're trying to get muscle tone/endurance and stamina, I would just recommend doing body weight or light weight/high rep workouts. I like the recommendation of doing body weight squats. I don't think your body composition should change much, you'll just get firmer. I think running also helps believe it or not with the constant pushing off and hitting the ground. That could just be psychological for me though.

edit: And I honestly bulked up a bit after getting into doing more weighted workouts. I still fit in all my clothes fine, in fact, I fill them out more. I can feel good about that.

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