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How much do you pay for a shoe-shine?

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What do y'all pay for a shoe shine at a shine stand and what do they do?
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Upon visit, I pay my faithful servant three dollars, and sit on a high-backed throne which rests upon the backs of the countless vermin I have conquered. Drawing out three jars carved of fine jade, filled with rare oils from the forgotten reaches of the land, my manservant begins anointing my sabatons, and buffs them thereafter in a clockwise, then counter-clockwise fashion with a freshly-tanned chamois cloth. As he does this, I look about the room at my rivals, and plot out their demise. When I am re-shod, I give the shiner two dollars' tip, and face the day in all of its glory, ready for my affairs.
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Don't know. I can't even find a shoe shine stand here where I am.
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Ten bucks with tip
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Before I took up shoe shining as a hobby I used to leave them with my dry cleaning and they took care of them for $8 per pair.
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Originally Posted by AWBenz View Post

No where to shine my shoes where I am locatied.

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bloody hell.

$10 bux for just a quick brush and polish?

thats pretty aggressive.
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$10 here in Melbourne, Australia but since I learnt to do it myself, I don't go to them anymore.

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The only shine stand I can think of is at the airport, and I'm phobic of flying, so I don't spend much time there if I can help it.  I shine my own on Sunday evening...get ready for the week ahead.

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I grudgingly pay $10 if I'm unable to do it myself.
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I generally do it myself, but I will use Nordstrom shoe shine service if I am at Northpark Mall. They only charge $2.50, but it is the best shine I have experienced,
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Nordstrom as well for $2.50. Well worth it.
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The locker room attendant at my country club does them. I just leave a few dollars in his tip jar.
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I do it myself whilst watching tv on the wknd....
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