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Originally Posted by fatty
I watched a season premiere of 24, [i don't know if we're up to the same series as you guys in america] and was bored by half way. How can a show with 4-5 things happening at the same time be boring? I'm not sure, but the only redeeming point was the fact that the nuclear bomb actually did explode.
Agreed. So far this season has really failed to engage imho. I think it's because they've broken all conventions of what could possibly be realistic too soon. Whenever they've done this in the past it's been crap (the ridiculous Kim travesties in season 2 spring to mind), but this time they've put several of them in before the plot has settled in and before the reality distortion field has gone into effect so to speak. There's just been too much stuff going on from the get-go without the proper 24 build-up, and the usually great political stuff just hasn't been all that exciting (The bickering between Tom and Karen is all very Mike and Lynne in season 2, no?). I fear the real shark-jumping point for the show will be the Bauer family soap opera developments though. We'll see.
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I'm still pissed that they didn't get Donald Sutherland to play Old Man Bauer. I love James Cromwell, but come on, that was a golden opportunity they missed.

And yeah, I agree with Get Smart--almost unwatchable.
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I think this episode was very good, personally. James Cromwell... pretty hardcore.
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eh, I didnt like the double/double cross. and wouldnt it be pretty easy to figure out that Bauer Sr killed his son?

I'm still not sure what part Palmer's sister and her arab bf have to do with's like their storyline is made to be so dramatic but it seems you could take it out completely and you wouldnt be missing anything.
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