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I'm headed to a Bar Mitzvah tomorrow and I'm trying to decide on what tie to wear. (I'm wearing a navy suit with a white dress shirt and black AE Park Avenues.) I think my ideal would be a nice solid grenadine in black or burgundy, but since I haven't made the leap into grenadines yet, I've gotta go with what I have. To that end, I have a red BB tie w/ a blue paisley(ish?) pattern on it, similar to this one but with a little less going on, as well as a glen plaid tie from Sam Hober. (I'm early on the path to dressing well, and the rest of my tie collection consists of many mistakes.) The Hober is definitely a nicer tie, but I'm wondering if it'll be too much for a Bar Mitzvah followed by a luncheon. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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You'll be fine, whichever one you choose to wear, notfortheweak.

I think a red tie with a little paisley action is perfectly appropriate. Sure, it's maybe slightly more "playful" than a glen plaid, but this is a Bar Mitzvah followed by lunch, not a state funeral. It's a happy occasion. Plus, you'll be wearing a dark suit, a white shirt, and black shoes; it's okay to incorporate a single, more lighthearted, whimsical, or at least colorful wardrobe element with all that.

'Course, if you really prefer the Hober tie, there's nothing inherently wrong about choosing it, instead.

Don't over-think this one. You'll only wind up creating a problem in your mind, where none exists in the real world.
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For a bar mitzvah, I believe there are strict guidelines. As a Jewish mother of two boys, I had to pick out clothes for their bar mitzvahs. I believe that bar mitzvah MUST wear a suit and matching slacks. They need a white button down shirt, and that color only. Other colors are inappropriate. Also, they need a tie and dress shoes. I believe that this is essential. My boys wore these clothing combinations to their bar mitzvahs and I make them wear it to school, too. I have very strict rules.
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