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Jean Fitting - The Rules?

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Where should jeans fit , How many inches of slack on the back & how much slack in the front?

Should you be able to see socks/skin when you sit down? *As in the jeans coming up above the shoe*
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dooooooood relax if you think you look like an idiot fix it, if you don't think you look like an idiot don't worry about it
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Wear your jeans the way you like them.
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I like the waist about 1.5 inches above my hips. The Dior 19 cm is perfect - In terms of length, I prefer them on the longer side. It depends on the jeans.
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Yeah, one never wants to look bad in jeans, and I've tried on a few recently that looked great on others but atrocious on me.

The first thing is whether you think you actually look good in them and feel comfortable; if so, they're probably right for you. But do ask for opinions and advice when buying, and when tailoring them. Generally, I want a bit of a break on the shoes so the jeans don't look too fussy, but you can spoil the look of some styles if they are all bunched up the way you wore your Levi's. So I always ask, rather than assuming I know the right fit.

It helps to keep 2 factors in mind for a "right" fit; for most jeans it depends primarily upon the style of the jeans, which can determine how low you wear them and how long they should be at your shoes, and second it depends upon getting a style that suits the build and overall proportions of your body.
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Im sorry, I just like to know what is socially the norm, because I'm a nerd/introvert/socially underdeveloped. LQTM.
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Look at the WAYWN thread and see how others are wearing them if you don't know what looks good.
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If chick's can't see your butt, then you lose.
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Dude, you're worrying too much about clothing. Wear whatever fit you think looks good or feels good.
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Originally Posted by tallguy1337
Should you be able to see socks/skin when you sit down? *As in the jeans coming up above the shoe*

I'd try to buy them so they show no sock, regardless of what shoes you're wearing. I think it's okay if they do a bit when you're sitting, but i'd rather not. In fact, with my shorter jeans, I pretty much wear boots with them exclusively. My shortest jeans hit right at the ground barefoot.
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just check out the waywn thread. look for me. thats the way to wear your jeans. if anyone disagrees, than look at them. or just wear what you like and makes you feel confident.
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golden advice cheap

personally I prefer bunched up jeans over short cut ones, I hate it when the hems flap around when walking or sitting. but thats just a personal preference. the shorter cut ones can look a bit more classy in some sense so it depends on what type of style/look your going for.
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1st step: get measured. Know what your actual waist and inseam measurements are. 1a. If you want some stacking or want your jeans to fall to the ground, add a couple inches to your actual inseam when shopping. 2nd step: decide what type of jeans you like: bootcut or straight leg. 3rd step: decide what color you like: light or dark blue, or black, or grey. 4th step: decide what type of fit you want: relaxed, regular of slim fit. 4a. decide on the rise: low or regular. 5. target jeans in the appropriate categories, i.e., slim fit medium rise bootcut, in 32/34. 6. Try on jeans. 7. Look in the mirror. 8. If you like how they look and fit, and can afford them, buy them. If you don't like them, try on another pair. If you like them and can't afford them, wait for a sale or go on ebay. 9. Wear the jeans you bought.
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