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Originally Posted by davesmith View Post

That is some serious tie p0rn right there! Amazing stuff.

Appreciate the high praise from one of the top purveyors of tie p0rn around
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blush.gif You just inspired me to post some more.

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Originally Posted by davesmith View Post

blush.gif You just inspired me to post some more.

Absolutely, looking forward to it.
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Those are gorgeous!

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These are f-ing awesome
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check out the grenadines

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I wish there was a tie subforum.

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

I wish there was a tie subforum.

It would be nice to have all things tie related in one place. Except for the soporific thread there is no real place to post unless you start your own thread or find an established one like this. Ties certainly do not have the same kind of go to threads like footwear does.
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Some new summer ties I received about a week ago:

Vintage garza


Two regimentals





And a bright summer print


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Stunning ties. Especially the last one. Bought online ?
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Originally Posted by steffenbp11 View Post

Stunning ties. Especially the last one. Bought online ?

Yes, these ones I bought after receiving pictures of some of his new stock. Just send him an email at cerutti.gianni@gmail.com and he will send you pictures of the available fabrics in the weaves and patterns you like.
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Originally Posted by C&A View Post

Just before Christmas my first Passaggio tie arrived. Wearing it for the first time today. Made from a vintage cashmere. The ties are made in Naples in the old Marinella workroom. IMO workmanship and construction are very nice, comparable to my Cappelli's.






9 more ties are in the process of being made icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif. Passaggio can be contacted through their site (see OP), or via facebook. Ask for the collection of vintage silks and woolens, if that's your kind of thing. http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100003006887368
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Some new 5 fold ties with thin interlining and hand rolled edges on their way to the Netherlands:










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I received a couple of vintage grenadines several months ago from Passaggio Cravatte. I am now just getting around to putting up some photos. I met Gianni Cerutti at a trunk show in Paris and he is truly passionate about vintage fabrics. The brown tie is an unlined three fold and the blue tie is an unlined seven fold. As others have already mentioned, the construction is top notch and his selection of fabrics is very unique.

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I just recieved three new ties from Passaggio Cravatte. The ordering process went quicker this time and Gianni was a real gent. I selected three vintage silk prints and I could not be more pleased with how they turned out. I opted for the basic three fold and once again the ties are beautifully constructed. But the biggest plus for me is the vintage silk prints which have spectacular colors

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