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Barbour Beaufort

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I've fallen for the Barbour Beaufort. I love the style and the quality seems superb. But once I decided to buy one I realized that was easier said than done. I'm a student, and as such has a limited budget, I'm on the lookout for a good deal on these jackets or try to get one from ebay.


I'm 178cm (about 5'10) and when I tried the Beaufort model on in a shop I found they were very big in size. The 36" was alright but still on the big side. I learned later that this was the Beaufort Waxed Jacket (different to the Classic Beaufort?). I found the same model (or so I thought) on ebay in an almost-new, great condition in size 36". This turned out to be too small! Tight fit, short overall length and far too short arm lengths. And different from the one I tried on in the shop. This was listed as the Classic Beaufort model.


I thought that only the outer material would differ the two models apart? Other differences than size and length, there was also the lack of a rear game pocket and the lack of cuff "warmers". Is this correct?


So what is the deal with this? How many different Barbour Beaufort models are there? And what is actually the differences between them? What jacket did I get? It says "Classic Beaufort" on the label of the inside of the jacket but how come there is no rear game pocket and why is it so different in size?


jacka2.jpgjacka3.jpgThis is the jacket I bought from ebay, that turned out to be too small.

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I don't see any of the posts giving an answer to why my beaufort lacks the game pocket and is so extremely small in size?

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Could anyone else offer some help?


Thank you

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Are there side vents? Maybe it's a mislabeled Bedale?

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It's strange that there's no rear game pocket on your beaufort - you're sure there's nothing in the back? I guess it's possible that in such a small size they don't put the game pocket in.

As for size, a 36 is way too small for you. Barbour sizes are the same as suit sizes, so you're likely a 40 or 42.
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