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Since the question is regarding essentials, my list may be boring but here goes:
  1. Charcoal suit - BB Fitz
  2. Navy suit - BB Fitz
  3. White and Light Blue shirts - BB ESF
  4. 3-inch navy tie - RLBL
  5. Reversible belt - Ferragamo
  6. Pocket squares - White linen or cotton from BB, blue and black gingham from Paul Smith
  7. Patterned wool socks - Panthrella
  8. Black three eyelet derby - Ferragamo
  9. Dark oak captoe oxford - Edward Green
  10. Black trench coat - Burberry
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It's the end of the year, can't resist a good list.


My style journey is just a few years old, so I don't even have 10.


1. Navy blazer

2. Neat dark denim, slim

3. Navy socks

4. Brown wingtips

5, brown belt

6. White button downs, spread and OCBD




7. Gold Bond Foot Powder, so I can kick back and take my shoes off worry free. Grooming >> Style



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Originally Posted by AndyMG View Post

I can't believe this thread didn't get more replies.

Pocketsquareguy, that photo is now in my 'clothes porn' folder.

Thanks man.
Originally Posted by AKMetal View Post

Man this is one of those threads I wish had 100 pages...

Maybe it will? smile.gif
Originally Posted by malat View Post

what type of buttons are on your blue blazer?

The buttons are a brown/neutral horn
Originally Posted by Parker View Post

10. fresh undies

Your mom would be proud of you! smile.gif
Originally Posted by Tony Romo View Post

I don't understand this thread. Someone explain.

Hang in there baby, you will get it.

When I first put this list together i also put it on Tumblr and immediately got 400+ reposts and positive comments. I debated about listing the brands since the idea was more about the individual pieces and their timeless style. (Not their price) I have actually been wearing variations of all of these almost daily for a couple of decades, but like most, I started with more modest brands and fabrics. So, for many of you starting out, please don't be put off by items because some of the brands/fabrics are expensive. You can get quality versions of almost everything here at affordable prices (well, maybe not the silver buckle croc belt, but there are many in attractive brown calf that will do the trick).
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Always great ideas for threads, pocketsquare guy. Not to mention great boobage pics. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I think I might add a picture tonight.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

1. Charcoal Suit - Bespoke
2. White spread collar shirt - Bespoke
3. Medium Grey/Dark Grey silk or wool textured 6 fold tie - Bespoke
4. Charcoal braces - Albert Thurston
5. White linen pocketsquare - Wang
6. Charcoal wool patterned socks - Brooks Brothers
7. Black Oxfords - Gaziano & Girling
8. Boxer briefs - Polo
9. Black framed glasses - Cutler & Gross
10. Hair cream - Lush

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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Always great ideas for threads, pocketsquare guy. Not to mention great boobage pics. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Thanks! I appreciate it. smile.gifsmile.gif
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Not ten, but these new acquistions will become some of my essentials:

Brooks Brothers suede bomber. (Been wanting a jacket like this for a long time)
Kent Wang polo's
Polo cashmere v-neck
Talbott Carmel tie

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I don't have ten things I like enough...

1. AE Walunt Strand
2. Mr. Guy sport coat (local clothier)
3. Glen Plaid Fritz BB Suit
4. Navy Herringbone BB Fritz Suit
5. Church Black Captoe
6. Milano Chinos (pick your color)
7. AE Sanford ( I know, not a lot of love here, but I get more complements on this shoe than an other).
8. Boulevard beer. It's not fashion, but it makes clicking the "BUY" button that much easier.
9. BB no-iron. (Sure you all hate it, but not nearly as much as I hate ironing or going to/paying for the cleaners).
10. Alden Cordovan...
11. VooDoo leather ( Chester Mox) wallet.
12. Seiko JDM watch. (not fancy, but it's a kick ass automatic).
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1. Lindberg Eye Glasses ( x 2)
2. Chocolate Suede Asquith on the 888 ( closely followed by Oundle in Dark Oak)
3. Falke Socks
4. Uniqulo Boxers
5. Navy Cashmere Isaia patch pocket SC
6. Attolini Pocket Squares from Ian
7. Selection of Button Downs from Ascot Chang, in TM Silverline
8. Bespoke Gator Card Wallet ( for 3 Cards & Cash)
9. Choc Suede Belt ( LP).
10. LP 'Voyager' Jacket in Olive Cashmere

IWC - 3714 Port Chrono
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great thread icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Hmmmm ten essentials, a real Sophie's choice.

Having to accommodate business and casual in 50 items is tough enough let alone 10.

Here goes.

1. Plain Navy, 2 button, single breasted (T&A)
2. Plain Charcoal, 2 button single breasted (T&A)
3. Formal white shirt, plain cuff (Emma Willis)
4. Formal light blue shirt, plain cuff (Emma Willis)
5. Knee-length cashmere and wool mix overcoat (Paul Smith)
6. Stone trench (Aquascutum)
7. Dark indigo Levi 501s
8. Dark blue shawl cardigan (J Smedley)
9.Black cap-toe Oxford (C&J)
10. Tan scotch grain Coniston boot (C&J)

Maybe swap 5 for a midnight blue cashmere and silk tie from Hober and move to a warm climate so I can forsake (underwear and) the 2 coats.

The problem with lists like this, fun as they are, is that they drive you towards the basics.

Might be worth sucking a thoughtful tooth over ten menswear fripperies as well?
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1. Navy Blazer (Phineas)
2. Charcoal SB Suit (phineas)
3.Light/Med/Dark blue wash jeans (Uniqlo)
4.Navy Silk Knit
5.White cutaway collar FC shirt
6.Blue BC cutaway collar shirt
7.Brown Suede Boots (C & J Tetbury)
8.Cap toe semi brogues in walnut ( C&J and AE)
9.Navy overcoat
10. Khaki Trench

...a nice fedora for honorable mention..
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aweswome thread psg!!

here are some of mine in theory. sadly i do not have all of them. yet. devil.gif

1. solid blue suit
2. solid gray suit
3. solid white shirt
4. black cap toes
5. brown brogues
6. herringbone socks
7. 1 black and 1 brown belt
8. solid ties
9. navy overcoat
10. yarmulke
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Fun thread; I'm game. Kind of pointless, of course, but fun anyway.


In no particular order:


  • Grey tweed herringbone suit, moderate weight
  • Navy suit, as a solid or very sedate/simple pattern, in a lighter/year-round weight.
  • Relatively sober, earth-coloured, checked, tweed jacket, not too heavy a weight.
  • Mid-grey odd trousers (flannel or worsted), mid-weight
  • Ecru button-cuff shirt, normal spread collar
  • Pale blue french-cuff shirt, normal spread collar (with a simple set of cufflinks; I'm assuming that doesn't require a separate entry on the list)
  • Navy socks
  • Black semi-brogue oxfords
  • Navy silk tie, preferably with a small-scale pattern
  • Informally-patterned (i.e an elaborate picture rather than a simple geometric repeat) silk pocket square containing a complementary set of colours in the pattern(e.g. any mix of creams, navy, tan, olive, etc)


Controversially perhaps, no room for brown shoes, and only one pair of black ones means they're going to suffer somewhat over time.. No room for jumpers, scarves, gloves or overcoats makes it more of spring/(English-)summer/early-autumn wardrobe than a winter one, too.

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