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anyone own the shortsleeve popovers? do you size down or go TTS? 36 = small?
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had one, it was marginally tts, they've got a pretty realxed fit which i think works well with the popover in particular.
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Selling a SS11 Bedford if anyone is intersted, for cheap!
Size large, asking 165 shipped

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Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan View Post

afaik, park and bond is essentially the nepenthes store on consignment online . i.e. the stock isn't owned by park & bond, it's pulled from the nepenthes store itself, and nepenthes dictates the prices. So it won't go on sale until nepenthes decides to put things on sale.
hint: nepenthes does (or at least, used to do) free shipping, so you'll save if you just call nepenthes and order from them as opposed to making the transaction via p&b
Note: this is my understanding.. but i might be misinformed. someone else should chime in.

I don't think nepenthes ships, unless things have changed. Last time I contacted them they said I needed someone to pick it up from the store.
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you can order via email or phone directly with nepenthes and they will ship. i think its like $10 bucks for shipping in CONUS
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I dunno. They shipped something to me for free in CONUS, but this was maybe a year ago, so I don't really know what their policy is.
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oh actually i think your right. ive purchased direct from nepenthes twice now and both times no shipping ... my B
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Hey guys,


Just wanted to drop in and give you guys the heads up on our S/S Sale that is starting tomorrow but we'll extend the 20% discount to you early.  This is what we have left of S/S 12 EG:


Andover Jacket - Navy Polka Dot - S and L


Fatigue Shorts - Olive Reversed Sateen - XS, M and L


Camp Shirt - White Paisley - S and L


Bedford Jacket - Navy - M and L


Rounded Collar Chambray - Blue - S and M


Chambray Work Shirt - Blue - L


Chambray Miner Shirt - Blue w/ Red Stitching - M and L


Scarf - Blue Floral


Scarf - White Paisley


Pocket Square - Navy Polka Dots


Upland Sunforger Vest - Navy - M and L


Upland Sunforger Vest - Khaki - L


Andover Jacket - Blue Chambray - M


Brookline Jacket - Navy/Camo Reversible - M and L


Pop-over Camp Shirt - White Polka Dots - S, M and L


Shoot us an email or give the shop a call with any questions! (312) 675-2105. 


We also have some good stuff left from out Post O'alls S/S buy thats taking the markdown as well!

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20% off this late in the season isn't really that good. Most other retailers are 30%+
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if anyone has SS12 shirts in XS they want to unload hit me up smile.gif
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I don't know about how you've spent your day today but we've been watching episodes of Andy of Mayberry and I couldn't help but notice the shirt that Opie had on in Bird Man. Looks to me the Pop Over in Reverse Print.

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Will somebody help me find a trail vest in khaki or coated in size large? Having a hell of a time trying to locate one.
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pretty much slept on these but any help finding the peacock Ghurka shorts in 32 would be greatly appreciated.
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