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Can anyone proffer any advice on the mismatch flip-flop sizing?  Anything crazy going on - really big, really small fitting?  

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Am finding this floral shirt in xs.. anyone knows any place that sells them now?

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Hi guys
I had put some eg stuff( bag, 19th century,hoodies, workshirt) which don't fit me for sale on the selling section, feel free to contract me if you are interested.
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Gravity Pope is carrying this.
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Anyone know if the Workaday oxford shirt comes in a medium to dark grey colour?
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Not this season. They did a charcoal flannel 19th C. BD in F/W '08.
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yeah. that thing sold out quick
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anyone have any experience with the fit and weight of this season's trail parka?  want to hop on one before they're all gone.  thanks

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also, anywhere to acquire the polka dots shorts or the seersuckers?  Im so behind....

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No idea about the shorts, but the parka fits like all WWM or EG parkas, TTS/big. Sizing down isn't recommended because it'll be too small in the shoulders, so keep it TTS when ordering. The material is light, and honestly for what its selling at its not a very good buy. If you don't mind the cost, it has great details and looks fantastic in person. I was pondering the trail vest but was pretty underwhelmed with it for 300. Especially since the material is very thin, s/s only unless you live in a warmer climate.
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I'm not much of a fan of any S/S collection at all, whether it be high fashion or not.

I say save your money and prepare to be blown away by EG F/W12, which looks amazing.
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do you have any pics of the fw12 ?
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Originally Posted by ambivalence View Post

do you have any pics of the fw12 ?

Yep, I'm curious too - have been hearing it's going to be great, but haven't seen any photos yet.


Personally, I would like to see a Fatigue Pant / Winter version in Olive cotton which is cut slimmer than the Workaday fatigue, i.e. like this summer's Fatigue pant.

Also, I'd like to know if the Sport Jacket will be also be done for Winter, and in what materials / colors.


If not photos, maybe someone could give us a description of what they know? Just a teaser, please bigstar[1].gif

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Originally Posted by Fycus View Post

No idea about the shorts, but the parka fits like all WWM or EG parkas, TTS/big. 

I tried on the parka in navy and in coated, and Fycus is right - fits TTS. And I would like to add that this season's parka has quite a different cut from the previous seasons. It fits normal in the shoulders and chest, but then it kind of balloons out into this anti-fit kind of look. There are drawstrings to pull it together, but doing so also doesn't look right. It is a bit too short (I'm 6.1) as well, and therefore looked really awkward on me. Sizing down wouldn't work length-wise. Think of it more like an eccentric Daiki take on the Parka than a functional, classic Parka cut. I was very disappointed, given that back in the day I got into EG for their Parkas alone, and own about 5 different ones now. They all are great, but this season's one is a dud, at least for taller guys. 

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