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nepenthes advising sizing up for spring jackets. Makes sense: SS designed for just a shirt underneath, thus smaller than FW which are designed to layer in.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

probably. but it depends. just go by the measurements man, it's the only sure way.
fwiw, I wear an xs in uniqlo and baron wells shirts and a small bedford (from past seasons) fits perfect. like perfect perfect.

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Originally Posted by edubs01 View Post

Who state-side is stocking the Fatigue shorts in Olive Sateen?
Inventory Stockroom just posted them at $200 plus $20 shipping.

Just got these in the mail today from Stuart & Wright. Nepenthes provided me the state-side stores carrying them.

$176 shipped


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^nice. As good a price as I've seen on shorts this season and the olive sateen fatigues are by far my favorites.
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Speaking of shorts, did anyone have a chance to wear the Desert and/or Cambridge short yet? They seem a bit hard to wear, given they're cut so narrow and have an awkward length - going slightly over the knee. I like the fabric and pocket details but the cut and fit remind me of those awful 2/3 cargos that you see at The Gap. 

Or maybe I'm mistaken and they're great?

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ehh, wrong thread

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Originally Posted by booke3c View Post

Can anyone find a Brookline camo jacket in sz:s or sz:m ??

it seems all sold out everywhere.............

need it!!!


If this is the one you're looking for, they have a medium at Inventory Stockroom in Vancouver:




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Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post

I'm sorry Context, but your selection for SS12 SUCKS ASS


What happened?

Also, are these chest measurements even correct, or was Daiki on some sort of radical see-sawing diet when he cut these?



A 36 and 40 inch chest for two different XL vests (not that I'd wear either)?


I'm slowly getting sized out of EG season by season.
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Originally Posted by timpoblete View Post


Who's carrying this piece?
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theres no way thats correct lol...
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Originally Posted by burningbright View Post

Who's carrying this piece?

boutique u&i has it
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Those Context measurements are 110% wrong.

I guess their way of measuring is as weak as their SS12 buys.

There are so many good things from this season. It looks like they skimped.
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i picked up the navy mini polka dot andover from context. sooo nice, love this piece and try to wear it whenever i can. the rest of their buy is kinda meh. they should have picked up the white/blue/pink tab collar floral. i got it from nepenthes ny and i think it's the best colorway of the ss12 florals.
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Originally Posted by HuggyGiraffe View Post

boutique u&i has it

Didn't see it on their site, but not sure if everything gets put up on their site or not. Looks like most of their S/S 12 stuff is already up.
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