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The new Fatigue, will probably become my favorite daily trouser for the next spring summer, with a couple of those and a couple of Gurkha (hope to find them also in the new fit) you can go everywhere!

Angler shirt is so wonderful.

I see it is a trasposition of the Cruiser jacket (that I have in Loden Melton) to a shirt.


I love it.



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Same here, those fatigues will become a staple for next spring summer...

A couple of questions for Gary if he's around (Merry Xmas by the way!). When can we place some orders with you? and do you know when you might be expecting first deliveries?
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Originally Posted by mtre View Post

Same here, those fatigues will become a staple for next spring summer...
A couple of questions for Gary if he's around (Merry Xmas by the way!). When can we place some orders with you? and do you know when you might be expecting first deliveries?

Hey, I'm am here and usually these days sporadically, because we are so busy with holiday sales. Just an FYI, we have a new associate here in the store, his name is Steven and he came here through the forum, so wish him congrats, be patient with him, he's still learning the ropes.

In regards to pre-orders and special requests, "bring it" as they say. However, I want to make one thing perfectly clear and very definite, I help you guys and gals find and get this stuff for you that we didn't buy for our store and believe me, I enjoy the hunt as much as you do. I don't take your money till I get the product, so please don't change your mind on the product after it has been ordered because EG does not do returns and I'm stuck with it. Capisce!!

Now, I've got a system that's working for me and I hope this won't pose an issue for you. Instead of sending me a PM with your request, I'd rather you send me an e mail to That way I can keep a running folder on requests and believe me, there are many these days. I will reply with article # and price, you can then reply that you confirm the order and we all happy campers. Remember, we ship free in the USA and share the cost 50/50 for our international friends.

Hopefully, we will be posting up our images of what we selected for SS12 this weekend if I can come up for air.

Merry whatever you celebrate this holiday season. Thanks for you ongoing support, we appreciate your business!!!

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Thank you Gary for the information.

One question though, if we have a request for a certain item is there any guarantees of you getting it? reason I ask is if you are trying to get that specific item and it pops up on somewhere else and the thought of it selling out at that place or anywhere else and you not ending up getting it makes it risky?

Or would you be able to find out before it pops up at other places?
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For me to say, don't go anywhere else to get this item would not be fair, I'm a free trade guy and I also support you supporting your local guy, so shop locally if you can. My success record has been pretty good, so the likely hood of me getting it is quite good. The way it works is, I submit daily a list to EG with your name attached. As soon as items come out of production and are then allocated to the stores that purchased that item, the remainder is what I pull from and I usually get first dibs. So, you will usually get confirmation from me as the stores are getting their product. Hope this make sense.
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Ah yes that makes a lot of sense now.

Thank you for the explanation Gary. smile.gif
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As usual, I love the new lookbook. Well except for the knee high white socks. shog[1].gif I'm really feeling the natural peacock print. Word is they will be producing this in a Cambridge pant which I think I will pair with a dark blazer, beefroll mocs and understated tie for a kind of irreverent Friday office day look.
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This looks rather nice...


More pictures here
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Originally Posted by catchh View Post


I saw the post of EG Japan this morning and I think next summer is full of wonderful items to choose.

For sure I will grab a Trail vest that is a very classic EG item: together with the Logan Vest I think they made the perfect summer couple.
The Trail Vest is perfect worn over a classic blazer too.


Very happy to see the pinstripe fabrics, that is always one of my favorite fabrics for summer.


Nice to see that the Upland Vest is going on! Right now I have received a F/W military green reversed saten Upland Vest from the Bureau and I think it will be suitable also for the next summer too.


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First shipment of SS12 available at Nepenthes. Going fast. No, not really... just joking.
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Hello All,

I just received word that 70% of our order will be here next week, so I thought I should get our selections up for you to see. I will be away ( Skiing ) starting tomorrow and will be back in the store on Tuesday when it is suppose to arrive. Enjoy!

S20648 / Workshirt / Brown/Yellow Cotton Madras / XS > XL / $195.00

S20652 / Workshirt / Brown/Navy Cotton Madras / XS > XL / $195.00

S20858 / Miners Shirt / Blue Cotton Chambray / S > XL / $175.00

S21393 / Chauncey Shirt Floral Print / Blue Cotton / XS > XL / $195.00

S21589 / Backbay Shirt Zip Collar / Navy/Grey Cotton Jersey / S > XL / $130.00

S22211 / Shawl Collar Cinch Vest Glen Plaid / Grey Cotton / XS > XL / 195.00

S22869 / Penn Shirt Jacket / Navy Light Weight Poly/Cotton Poplin / XS > XL / $210.00

S22934 / Baker Jacket / Dark Navy Cotton Twill / XS > XL / $415.00

S23036 / Bedford Jacket / Olive Cotton/Linen Twill / XS > XL / $370.00

S24829 / Ghurka Short / Khaki Cotton Poplin / 28 > 36 / $230.00

S25440 / Fatigue Pant / Khaki Cotton Oxford / 28 > 36 / $230.00

Assorted Pocket Squares / $45.00

Assorted Ties / $105.00

S283Y1 / Surcingle Combo Hook Belt / Navy/Khaki / 32 > 38 / $150.00

Again, if anyone is interested in anything we did not order, give me an email ( ) with your request and I'll do my best to get it for you. Thanks for looking!

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Does anybody know if the rise has changed on the Fatigue pants or was the leg just slimmed down.
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are the fatigue pants as lightweight as they look? wonder how they compare to the ripstop fabric from last years USN pants which I have.

same for those plaid workshirts.
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